WATCH: Bow Wow & Reginae Carter heat up this 10 minute extended preview of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’

Bow Wow, Reginae Carter, Zonnique Pullins, Brandon Barnes, Shaniah Mauldin, and Ayana Fite will be spearheading the premiere season of the Atlanta spin-off of WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop series while Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons sit on ice for a while. Pop the top and get into this 10 minute preview of the premiere episode that slides down the pipeline on May 25th.

  • Eleanor Garcia

    Brandon bitch boi is gonna get popped…yes!

  • Shamara Lamb

    Me too!!

  • Chloe Jolie

    Oh you mean MIXED Bow Wow? LOL

  • Chloe Jolie

    OMG I feel same! Plus everything he does just looks fake

  • Chloe Jolie

    I’d pay to see that. He’s fucking embarrasiing

  • Candice Henderson

    Ugh fucking lil ruff ruff is a fuck boi He would definitely sell his soul and some other ppls for fame. Somebody need to video tape him get his ass BEAT

  • Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari

    Why he called his mom debbie?

  • Keviana Holmes

    Bow wow and Keyshia Cole dated? All new to me.

  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    He’s the executive producer.

  • braveheart341


  • Megan

    Shit wasn’t even worth finishing lmao after he threw $6 in the air at the strip crib I was done 😂

  • OneHunnid24/7:)

    Bow wow lame ass is the only grown ass person on the cast..the other cast members are celeb kids…this nigga is super annoying and and suffers from lil man syndrome and looks like his breath smells like booboo

  • Jamaican gyal

    Bow-wow is annoying and corny. The end. Thank God I can skip through his shit.

  • Victoria M.

    Because he grew up in hip hop. Hence the concept of the show. Lol.

  • Shatariah

    This was the first 11 mins….and Bow Wow was in it wayyyy too much. The whole point of me watching this is because of Zonnique and Reginae. Bow wow is getting too much air time…he needs to just give up on music and stick to acting. It’s nearly impossible to transition from being a small kid rapper to a respected adult rapper. I’m nolt taking anything from him because he is a legend in his own right for all the accomplishments he has made in his career…however its over now!

  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    But wait…the fact that he felt the need to post the women he’s been with like a lil groupie Thot as if it validates him. If he don’t sit his Venis Fly Trap brain ass down somewhere.

  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    Keshia Cole was dating bow wow😩That must have been that one time she found her mother’s drugs….she didn’t love herself.

  • akuakokoblogspotcom


  • akuakokoblogspotcom

    Didn’t he really take the lords name for his ego? Because THAT I WONT WATCH THIS SHOW. We are mere mortals and one day we’ll all have to answer for what we say on this earth! Keep thinking your coins keep you above that.

  • Cynthia Watson

    Lil bow wow listen to Jermaine cause honey you then fell off on the music tip

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Gurl don’t try cause I can’t either….He’s wacky wack wack wack…..A Misfit trying to fit in with his “I’m not black” ass……

  • mirra.k

    This show gone be litt I can’t wait to watch

  • Rokses

    I live in Europe so an artist has to stay relevant in order for us to stay updated.
    Still I dont even knew Bow wow was still alive until the Erica Mena stupidity.

  • 2f7y

    His music now is not the same its whack now and no good actually straight trash. No hate because I’m always gonna be a bow wow supporter just because we grew up with the kid and shh but that music is a No go , you don’t got it no more like you use too And that party scene is getting old you should retire become a Scientists 👨🏽‍🔬😂 jk

  • Keliyah-Renee

    Skipped Bow Wow’s scenes seemed fake

  • ㅤㅤLa

    Good intro

  • ㅤㅤLa

    He’s an EP

  • Talaya Camp

    why …. someone tell me whhyyyyy is Bow Wow on this show….

  • Such A Baddie

    Bow Wow nobody is checking for you or your music anymore. You had your time as a tiny kid rapper, but when you grew up, it was a wrap. Your fans are grown women now, You sold 24 million records as you say, but I haven’t heard anything decent in over a decade it’s time to just “bow” out.

  • ♥Sugar&Spice♥

    Where’s daddy to give this beasty boys girl a perm?

    And why are Deb and her fat ugly bad skin son on any show? I’m so sick of them. Deb looking like the momma and the daddy all in one.

  • Nik Nicole


  • Abstruce

    Snoop Dogg to Bow Wow: “They can’t fly with you.”
    My reaction: Apparently we can… on coach. lol

  • jus_saying

    Me too girl. All I can think about is his jet. lol

  • luevenia scott

    Tell him poppa JD.

  • Nik Nicole

    I’m Trying But I Can Not Take Bow Wow Serious 😞😒

  • Messy Matt

    Lol well you know Bow Wow have never been the greatest actor

  • kneesee

    Lord Bow Wow…the fact he comes in with acting skills make it that much cringe worthy.