WATCH: Sky documents her reunion with one of her estranged teen sons

Though Sky received an unpleasant welcome from her 19 year old son Genesis after more than a decade-long absence, fortunately she was met with open arms by her younger 18 year old son Des recently after making her way down to Texas to meet him and his adoptive family. As the two try to make up for lost time, watch as Sky documents the occasion.

  • DayumTae

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  • Shunta Mickey
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  • Bridgette Lee

    If she could just stop Dressing and acting like a 🤡🤡🤡 Mybe he’ll take her a little more serious next time.. Her focusing on the son that is ready is ❤️❤️❤️warming.. I love it for her😖😖😖to say it..

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Happy 7 month earthday little angel.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Lol. I know exactly what you mean sometimes I don’t mind Sky cuz she’s funny but I think she’s an embarrassment. I am happy that she was able to reunite with her son. I pray that her other son comes around but I get why he’s hurt… I overstand it and she’s just going to have to be at his Mercy.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    My heart nearly broke in pieces for Sky and her children it was so hard to watch. I was emotional the entire last episode. I was perplexed as to why the children ended up with a white family when there were three families involved Skies family dad number ones family and Dad number 2’s family. But it appears that the younger one feels like he was raised well. Something obviously happened to the older son that’s why he’s so angry. He felt like his mother abandon him and left him to the wolves.

  • Reina1718

    It shows?? Really?? Lol girl u must b a coke head 2. I guess u ok with her being a coke head. GO comment on sky page & pass my comment ✌🏽

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  • Shera Latoya

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  • Jay W

    Lol But I was never upset .. your right it is the comment section so I comment as I please😊 .. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • hennyst8

    The fact that your feelings are this hurt about being name called and I never name called you shows your level of sanity…..abort…abort…

  • hennyst8

    Im literally not concerned with the minor details like everyone else is. Them kids definitely lived a better life than they would of. Thats my only concern. The fact that y’all think my comment is a stan for sky just proves the level of argument y’all want to debate on.

  • 8inchesofgenius

    Here are the facts. The only reason Sky is pursuing a relationship with her children is to shut Dutchess up. Dutchess is a damn fool but she made 1 great point about sky doing all this extra stuff like getting her breasts done. Getting her ass done. Let’s not forget she even had some procedure done on her vagina when she asked Kitt for a mold of her vagina. And all of this on tv mind you. She is in her early 30’s and she is just now coming around to check on her boys. What happened to her throughout all of her 20’s!!! She feels guilty as hell now because she is making some decent money and had those 2 boys out there being ridiculed and made fun of by their peers and friends for their mom’s behaviour. If Ted never brought her onto the show would she ever have looked back for her kids??? She turned on Ted and he is the reason she is even getting a cheque from VH1. She turned on Donna who had her back and looked after her throughout her surgery recovery. All over $300 dollars mind you. Sky is a coke sniffer. Its written on her face. Co-sign that.

  • Reina1718

    U should be enjoying the holidays instead of letting a comment get u mad ✌🏽

  • Reina1718

    Go enjoy the holidays & calm down its a COMMENT section

  • Jay W

    Well Then LET THEM ! Y’all wanna be God so BAD and judge somebody

  • Uk-zone7

    Be the best you can be sky, all the best… good luck

  • LOL at sorry motherfuckers that create new accounts (4 comments total) to answer and upvote themselves. Ya might wanna do some research and find out just who runs this site.

  • Capricia Woods

    I’m sooooo happy she’s happy. Love you Sky

  • 29MsBarbados


  • 29MsBarbados

    I am so happy for her…like her smile warmed my heart and i glad for her and by doing the right thing by giving her boys a chance to make it in the world.

  • DayumTae

    LMAO everything you wrote was facts!!👌🏾

  • Bec _Blessings

    Bay be… her life coach or summit?
    Unless the court issued you jury service I suggest you pipe down on the judgment. So glad Sky has given us entertainment and something close to her heart to talk about. You should youtube doc your life so when you writing your coaching advise we will be able to relate not hate.

  • Jihan James

    But she didn’t give them up her mother stated that she did 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️…major difference

  • leapyearpisces

    That is why she and Dutchess hate each other-they BOTH have dark, decripit spirits. That’s why they can’t get along, because everytime they see one another, it’s as if they are looking into a mirror, AND NEITHER ONE OF THEM, like what they see.
    On topic, when you cut to the chase, a lot of people, like you and myself, are not feeling the whole “reunion with her sons”, is BOTTOM LINE, it seems DISINGENUOUS, POINT BLANK. If she really meant these young men any good, she would have put her foot down with the producers, and not let this be televised, and DON’T GET ME WRONG, the youngest one was probably happy to see her, but being a teenager, he probably is also GEEKED that his mom is a “reality tv star”, and he knows from THIS DAY ON, all he gotta do is say “jump”, and out of guilt, Sky is always gonna ask, “how high”. Lil’ dude AIN’T DUMB, he knows as long she getting that tv money, his life from now on will be charmed with a kind’s of luxuries. Sky, and lil’ dude probably setting up his “Sweet 16”, episode on MTV, as I type this. LOL, and I can’you blame him, I would be agreeable as well, and YES TEENS think like that- I have 2-15 year old’s (twins), so I know.
    Unfortunately for Genesis, she waited to late, and didn’t get to him in his “formative”, so that ship has sailed, and poor baby he is full of anger, rage, and HURT. I pray in the name of father GOD that he (GOD), will send this young man a breakthrough, and a testimony. It’s NOT TOO late for him to turn it around.

  • Reina1718

    Exactly its a comment section ppl go hard for others they nvr met.

  • You know what? I prefer not to go that route, but I’ll laugh and give it right back (sometimes) when individuals sink to that silly shit of personal attack and name-calling (“bitch,” “ho” etc.) those who don’t think like them.

    Group-think (or wanting/trying to force everyone to agree) is stagnant poison so, it’s like, grow up. It’s a message board, everyone has a different perspective, and intelligent and mature ppl can debate the issue at hand and agree to disagree.

  • Reina1718

    Exavtly so what kind of theiving mommz is that?? Skye could easily pay her 2 bash the baby daddy

  • Reina1718

    Word lol

  • Reina1718


  • Reina1718

    Wow! All liars she prolly lying about her son changing after he spoke 2 the dad…her son was in a juvenile detention ctr at 16! What happened there?? He aint spk 2 his dad or mom… im so tired of these “reality shows”

  • Reina1718

    If she give up that coke she will build a great bond

  • Reina1718

    Then she going 2 have people talkin trash about her id SHE put it out there

  • MissLauren

    The type of UTI that he has is from the bacteria that comes from unclean unprotected sex, like anal sex. That’s why it’s considered an std

  • MissLauren


  • MissLauren

    Find it funny that people complain about reality tv not being real enough but as soon as they start putting some deep shit on tv folks start saying that stuff should be off camera smh

  • Chrissy

    Lol right! Smh

  • Askmay

    I love seeing Sky so happy. Bonding with at least one son.

  • Jay W

    She can put it on TV if she wants and still doesn’t have to explain

  • PowerFanatic

    Message!!!! She opened this can of worms NOT US (the viewers)

  • Honestly, it’s nice to see Sky so happy with her son!

  • taj

    yes i agree off camera, I don’t see why she wants to exploit the relationship she has with her children, that should be sacred not for everyone to view and comment on.

  • Mimi87

    My thing is this, anyone who has been a viewer from the beginning knows very well that when sky started this show she was not fit to babysit my cat let alone raise a child. She was out of control fighting left and right, still in and out of jail and did not even love herself at that point. It was not until the last year or two that she had started to evolve to even be in the mental state to even consider stepping back into those kids lives. I commend her for staying away until she had mutured enough to give them what they really needed which was her, not the money, but her.

  • Reina1718

    Yeah i think he just wants to talk to her one on one as his mom & not as sky

  • Gone Too Far

    No I understand that now after reading some of the comments. The show started so long ago I forgot most stuff that has happened leading up to this, but I get that she had plenty opportunities to approach him earlier and without the cameras but it looks like she’s doing all this for clout and to make herself look good which is what must be frustrating him because he knows the real her. Not this mirage she’s showing out to everybody on TV as if she’s trying to bring awareness to adoption

  • Facts! Nothing should get in the way of the plain ol truth, but too many ppl are too weak and whiney to handle it and get offended.

  • That’s called projection (on your part) b/c I don’t take any of this personally. When some ignant nigga proceeds to name-call, they’ll get
    it right back.

  • 1280Fifth

    yes he looked like he was fighting back tears. Maybe production was pleading with him to sit down with her.

  • 1280Fifth

    yupppp the way he walked in all ready to pop off, Hair looking all ragga ragga. Like I think he cane thinking it would just be his mama, then saw the whole production and was like ” smh at my mother”

  • Ashley

    It don’t matter though, they gon ride for these celebrities till the wheels fall off. They be defending them like they gonna personally send them a fruit basket or some shit. I like Sky too, but facts are facts and i don’t stan for anyone. She’s exploiting these children and it’s wrong. All of this shit should’ve been done a LONG time ago and OFF CAMERA.

  • hennyst8

    It looked like they already had a conversation prior to filming. His nose was red, look liked he been crying

  • hennyst8

    Damn this is hitting you wayyyy too deep. Your issue with sky hasss to be personal. You can’t be this pressed over watching a tv show. Did sky fuck your man, steal ya bish? Or maybe she was given your position at macys or something lol What is it? I’m actually interested

  • Girl you are stating facts. If sky was a man they’d be dragging him but somehow her fake guilty crying and adult lies about their existence (twins, Dubai) shows her true basic bitch ass. She was so real on reality tv but a fake bitch in reality

  • Reina1718

    Guilty tears

  • Reina1718

    He mad cuz she saying she had nothing when the show started but its been on a few yrs now, u got ur body done & u meeting up with him with a chanel bag sayin i had nothing…in his mind he had nothing..he prolly was in jail while she got her body done & not sending him money or a card..:seems like all he wanted was to know she cared, know she looked for him…this show made her look selfish & thats all he know about her…same thing we know…

  • Reina1718

    She dont need to put it on tv either..then no one would question her nor care where her kids were

  • Pisces3384

    If the fathers of either boys were 1000% present and doing what they were supposed to do as fathers when she was in and out of jail there is no way this “adoption” could have happened. How about throw all the parents away because each and every single one of them are out of pocket.

  • Nah, ma. The world sees what treating adults like they kids in need of a parent, excusing bad behavior, playing the victim and refusing to take personal responsibility (blaming others, racism etc.) has resulted in. Nothing changes and things keep getting worse.

    With all the information out there, there’s no valid reason for a single adult to screw w/o protection, especially when many of them can get it for free. As well as NYC, the ATL and other cities, AA’s have ridiculous rates of HIV and STDs, and this is totally self-inflicted and a result of reckless behavior and dumb choices.

  • ㅤㅤLa


  • Take your ignorant ass somewhere and take some damn English and grammar classes, quit writing like a 5 year old, and understand that the definition of ‘abandon’ is to ‘desert or cease to look after/support someone’ – whether that’ss 5 years, 15 years or forever. As of now, Sky is still not looking after or supporting her boys pne is grown and other damn near.

    I don’t give a fuck about your boohoo story or dumb niggas that get all in their feelings and sink to the gutter of name-calling just b/c they’re too goddamn immature to accept the fact that others are allowed to have their own fucking opinion.

    And you can call the story “fake” all you want but, if you’re too stupid to run a damn Google search and find the news story, that’s not my problem either so go fuck yourself!

  • Tasticks

    Some of y’all are gonna develop an aneurism and kill yourselves searching for a back story and trying to piece this woman’s life together. 👀🔦🔦🔍🔍

    I’ve said it before, Des has such a beautiful spirit. I’m really glad he’s so open. I pray that Sky can develop healthy relationships with both her sons. End the cycle of pathology.

  • Bridgette Lee

    Most definitely 😬😬😬

  • Bridgette Lee

    SHIT!!! Sky got me on this episode😭😭…. ughhh she still make me sick tho 🤷

  • ㅤㅤLa

    I’m so happy he’s accepting her into HIS life and HES genuinely happy regardless of what others say and as well as SHE. they’re in their own little world. God bless them.

  • MelaninGoddess
  • Kyaa

    For sure they did. You didn’t even have to physically be there to know he wasn’t playing around with nobody.
    That’s how keen the vibe was with him.

  • Gone Too Far


  • Chrissy

    Happy to see this!

  • Pebbles

    I’m thinking that someone coaxed him into showing up

  • Pebbles

    nope! different fathers ..

    we the ( viewers ) didn’t find out about the other father until last season when he popped up unexpectedly asking about his son ( Genesis) and why she lie…

  • Pebbles

    When I’m on other message boards people be posting all types of info that’s not put on the show that gives more detail explanation…….

    So all I’m say:: If Skye or friends reading this tell her it’s secrets that will keep her hostage tell the truth.. and walk in it……. there will be nothing no one can say or hold over her….

    that’s it and that’s all..

  • Pebbles

    @Kalaya Monroe Use a lie and ur pants on fire… I’m nosey and I clicked on the link sure enough the article popped up which says: ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The former president of Wylie’s Fast Pitch Softball League was sentenced to 10 years of probation after pleading guilty to stealing over $40,000 from the organization.

    Kandace Raymond pleaded guilty to one count of 2nd Degree Felony Theft Friday morning. She was ordered to repay the $47,000 she admitted to stealing in addition to the probation.

    As I said: skye and her momma story not adding up just wait someone who has time gonna pull up all the tapes and post it online to call skye out on her bull shat.

  • Kalaya Monroe

    stfup m let her b happy n fyi u cant say she abandon her kids cuz she came back into their lives. do u even kno wats its like 2 b abandon (I do so dont speak on shit u dont kno ) ps i click on ur link 2 see the police report but its not working it must b fake

  • Kyaa

    Lmfaooo you not playing out here 😂😂😂

  • Kyaa

    Lol I commented that on the episode.. for one he was pissed off from the jump, he wasn’t eager to meet her, but she topped it off when she started waterfalling tears, snorting, barely able to talk, and started LYING to him saying she didn’t have shit yada yada, that’s when he was over it.
    Personally, I think the youngest one just chose not to let all that affect him the way it did Genesis, smh. Best wishes to her relationship with her sons tho.

  • Sotana Pereira

    Best comment 🙌🏾

  • R C

    She is out of shape but she’s definatley on drugs. She puts her head up some times when she speaks and she was sounding all nasally and stuffy. Something was in that nose lol

  • A.C.

    Or the son is an 18 year old athlete and she’s a 36 yr old outta shape woman lol. Idk if she’s really on drugs, but she’s so lazy she went for butt surgery after 15+ yrs of what she said was a “messed up body from having kids” rather than just workout and do squats. I think Sky is just getting old and is already lazy about working out, but especially in comparison to her younger varsity football playing son.

  • Kristal Styles

    I love this they are both so happy and that’s all that matters! Everyone’s negative opinion is soooo irelivent!

  • 9Ether

    People judge people everyday. That’s not going to change.

  • 9Ether

    She lied. I still think somethings not stirring to kool-aid. We shall see.

  • 9Ether

    16 months is 1 year and 4 months, so yes one can be 19 years old and the other one can be 17 years old. LMFAO!!!!

  • Nah, shorty. At your convenience, you don’t get to walk ya trashy uninvited ass into the lives of children you chose to abandon 16 years ago, and get a warm welcome, kiss and a cookie.

    All that crying to get sympathy and make ppl feel sorry for her is pathetic!!!~!

  • Jay W

    So many people act like she has to EXPLAIN to them .. Until you have lived her life .. STFU ! As long as Her son is happy that’s all that matters! I really wish her oldest would come around and express the reasons for being angry at his mom I really do .. She was in Jail and her mom is Bipolar and they were living in a shelter… ANY mother who saw where things were going would have wanted Best for their boys. I think the oldest is mad because of his father and maybe he feels his mother never loved him but I beg to differ.. And y’all saying why she waited to get on to talk them .. SHE DIDN’T WANT TO INTURREPT THEIR LIVES.. which I totally agree .. Hoe do you come back to kids you feel like might not love you because you gave them up?! Just like there are things people have to get over mentally so did Sky.. Her oldest acts so much like her when he’s upset and don’t know how to let it go it’s crazy…And y’all going off on Sky but what about his father that came out of nowhere now all of a sudden is the best father in the world .. come on na.. I’m so glad y’all are not God

  • Gone Too Far

    Genasis just looked like he was so done with her even by his eyes which is why I’m trying to figure out the truth because she’s given us this idea that she was a young mom who wanted the best for her kids, and she had an unstable life therefore she decided to give them up but then when you look at that boys eyes it’s pure resentment and makes me remember his interview where he basically said she doesn’t care for them and is using them for a storyline. It’s so conflicting because I don’t know what to believe here and the other son took her in much better. Are the fathers the same? I assume they’re from different men

  • Ignore that shit below. “Hit dogs” are so damn immature and fragile that they have to throw personal attacks when things don’t go their way, and ppl don’t believe as they do.

  • Sky is dishonest and manipulative to the bone, and I’m not moved by a one of her fake crocodile tears b/c.

  • Yep b/c Sky lied about the entire situation from jump.

    She had mad stretch mars when she got her flat square ass inflated (and knew the nurse didn’t believe her), so she made these lies up.

  • kneesee

    I have mixed emotions about it all. Good thing I am not God and my opinion really doesnt matter butttttt since we have this convenient post option here we go…..

    First, I understand that as a mother we have to make tough choices that our kids may not understand. I dont fault her for giving up her children because she tried to do what she thought was best for them. In this I think she is being 100 for that…even though I dont understand the whole thing about the mama giving them up. If thats the case then it wasnt your decision it was your mothers so was you reason really what you said??? But moving on I dont think we will ever know the truth there.

    How come it took you all this time to get back in their lives. I have seen you on TV for a minute now so I think thats where the anger comes in from her oldest. I think she is exploiting both children to 1) try to clear her reputation 2) for ratings. Some things should be done in the dark and she should have NEVER brought these kids to the spotlight. I think her young son is eating it up. He is young and likes the attention. He seems very happy and full of life so for him I think he is loving.

    The oldest can see right through the bull. And I dont blame him. I dont think she is 100% genuine at all and I do think also that his dad is feeding him extra salt. Regardless of it all Sky, did you consider your children when you decided to do all these things on air? I think that was a big mistake. You should of pulled a Keshia and Gucci.

    I think Sky is 50% real with us ppl. The other 50% she is pure entertainment and it comes to a point where you dignity and respect has to be worth more than the $1 for entertaining.

    BTW was this ish in a Bentley??? Whose was it?

  • Gone Too Far

    I thought they were twins? I’m so confused can someone straighten it out for me because I can’t tell what the truth is

  • Gone Too Far

    I’m so conflicted with Sky’s story. What’s the truth?

  • For real. Sky could have kept her mouth closed b/c no one was asking.

    I get so goddamn sick of these sanctimonious mofo’s that get a hair up their ass b/c ppl view things differently and see through bullshit, and can’t just give their own opinion.

  • Ask me how many fucks I give? With all due respect, screw any and everyone that can’t accept the fact that others are allowed to have their own goddamn opinion. Instead of sniveling about my comment, give your POV and keep it moving FFS.

    Sky claimed to be real and an “open book,” but a manipulative liar is a manipulative liar, and she could have told the truth (incl. the fact that she was 19 at the time) or kept her business to herself. She’s a cheap dirty slut that fucks in filthy bathrooms and oh boo hoo hoo – she had a rough upbringing.

    Many ppl have had tough childhoods, so what else is knew? The thing is, mature and reasonable adults don’t behave like this b/c they 1) embrace the concept of taking personal responsibility, 2) understand they have the power of choice and, 3) refuse to play the victim (like Sky) and use it as a convenient excuse for foul behavior. This bitch is 35 years old and just last season she was still being a violent animal and going after Tiffany.

  • Abstruce

    Sky??? Is that you?

  • sim simma

    genesis is a grown man and i’m sure he had his resentments against sky way before that interview. he just now has the platform to speak his truth and his side of the story.

  • sim simma

    she talked about seeing them for a storyline, even genesis said he never heard from her while he was locked up. that bish is a liar, she said her kids knew languages and travelled to dubai and genesis himself said he didn’t even know what dubai was. she got her life in order and still didn’t make real moves to reach out to her kids until her fake ass got called out. while she’s running to dr. miami, genesis was in and out of juvie.

  • Gmail4life

    I can’t stand Sky. However I am for believing ppl are human.I need to see her win. I need her to have a devotional everlasting relationship with her boys. Everyone processes hurt ,anger ,resentment and emotional pain equally different. Anger can take hold of a person and hold them captive for years. So,I pray that Sky will walk into these young black men lives with genuine authenticity. Please don’t be doing this shit for no VH1 check but it is and was and depending on the play out after cameras are gone and the peers and friends dwindle … the truth will come to the light 💡. The outcome can have a pos + or Neg- effect on these boys outlook for a lifetime.So,Des maybe his mom male alter ego.

  • Stacey Rivera

    They can be 16 months apart the 17 yr old is most likely turning 18 soon…my boys are 14 months apart but one is 23 n the other is 21 their bdays are two months apart so for two months it seems like they are two yrs apart…

  • CruelaAMIL

    And am I the only person who heard her say one son is 19 and one is 17??? But didn’t the older son say they were 16 months apart??? Come onnnnnnn skyy still lying????

  • CruelaAMIL

    I’ve been in this situation, so I understand how both of her son’s feel the younger son doesn’t want his mother to feel guilty especially because she was crying but he’s gonna end up resenting not expressing himself if she’s not consistent in his life and the older son is upset, I think he would’ve handled the situation differently had she wouldn’t have went into the situation crying trying to make him feel bad for her. As soon as she started talking about how she didn’t have shxt, but she sitting there with new teeth a new ass a new vag and new tits she fxcked up he’s already angry then you’re spewing bullshxt at him. She has to come more mature than that if she wants him to respect her instead of crying although I know it’s an emotional situation she needs to explain rationally
    They living in that dammn rv with a kid in NY that tub is disgusting!!!!
    Since when is a UTI an STD?? Lol I knew it was commercial bait!
    Ceasar still has a problem with what ever Donna says he clearly wants parts at this point

  • Stacey Rivera

    I hope your not someones mother….I feel sorry for them if u are!! Or daddy what ever the hell u are JoHo

  • Stacey Rivera

    You people are disgusting that are throwing all these judgements and nasty remarks….big up to sky blessings to her and both of her children!! She loves her children no matter what you lowlifes think!!! And if that fat raggedy baby daddy of hers didn’t brain wash Genesis he would be just like his brother happy and grateful to reunite with their mother!

  • Peanut Butter

    People are so judemental! There is nothing wrong with a mother wanting better for their child and giving them up for adoption. This kid looks like he turned out just fine.

  • Stacey Rivera

    Only god judges so what you say means nothing….she also was in jail on the show as well… people need time to get their life straight before they disrupt someone else’s life….she’s hurting not looking for sympathy asshole by the way she was in jail when her mother that was supposed to care for them gave them up for adoption!! Facts be mindful of judgements never know when shit can go left for you!!

  • Pebbles

    People are making excuses for thotty lying self instead of looking at the obvious, because I still say that her mother story doesn’t add up she was very careful in what she said and how she said it. Another thing if she would have been full honest it wouldn’t have changed a thing ..I mean look at cardi b..she put her full past life on blast and it didn’t stop a thing for her..there wasn’t anything any one could say about her past that she didn’t say…

    All someone is waiting on is for skye to give her full name and not her stage name to look up the info to see if it is true or not… don’t ask me why but that’s what people. prime ex: the commedian that said

  • Jo•Jo

    Blah blah. She never wanted to be a mother and I bet from here on out she’ll never try to be a mother. Sad case. I wish those young men the best.

  • Ashley

    I’m very aware that this is a reality show, but again she opened up this can of worms on her own because she put that lie out there. If she wasn’t going to be all the way honest, she should’ve just kept quiet on the situation because it’s not like she owes the world an explanation anyway, but she chose to publicly speak on it. The problem is because she’s a fave on the show, people are willing to excuse her behavior and I just can’t do that. We alllll love Sky (i get it), she’s funny and she’s a main reason we all watch, but wrong is wrong. Like i said, I can understand why she gave them up, but what i can’t understand is how she let ALLL this time pass by without at the very least making sure they were straight. Her son confirmed in the interview that she has never reached out or has ever done anything for him. Ya’ll so focused on SKY’S PAIN, but what about her son’s? He’s clearly hurting. This is aint about Sky’s FEELINGS, this about her son. He’s the victim in this situation period!

  • Stacey Rivera

    Foh she has been talking about seeing her children… She just got her life in order how could she have brought them into a life of chaos…Big ups to sky I love her !! Everyone deserves a second chance!!

  • Nassau Neek

    I love it. I can’t wait until Genesis accepts her, flaws and all. It’ll make home feel much better inside.
    Coming from someone who was raised by a Grandparent. I fully understand the situation.

  • Ashley, you make some great points but in all fairness, reality tv is far from reality. What you see on TV has been contrived. It’s all an illusion. We are entertained by Sky but we all know Sky have issues like so many of us. Sky can put on a show for us but at night when she is all alone in her truth, that shit could be extremely painful to deal with. I am not making up excuses for her but when you are in pain, it is easier to consume yourself with everything that will ease it instead of dealing with it heads on. How many times a person said they were going to lose weight but yet they still eating process food? How many times alcoholic or any addiction including food said they were going to stop or change their life? It is not easy living in your truth.Have you every given a child up let alone two? Have you ever lost a child? Man, that shit is painful. To me, who cares how she got to reunite with her child as long as she did is all that matters. When she is ready, she has to deal with her truth and I think this is a great start. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reading mine. Peace

  • Holly👱🏾‍♀️

    Awe, she seems so happy🤗

  • Ashley

    That’s great that he accepted her, but i can’t with her tears because I feel like she’s looking for sympathy at this point. I like Sky and find her very entertaining, but I feel like the only reason she’s reaching out NOW is because she has been exposed. I understand her reasons for giving up her boys because she was practically a baby herself when she got pregnant (We all make mistakes and things do happen), but that’s not the reason the world is judging you Sky. We’re judging you because YOU LIED about the situation. You claimed they were twins (that was the first lie) and then you made it seem like they were both living this amazing life and that wasn’t the case. We’re judging because you’ve been on the show for 6 WHOLE SEASONS and is just now reaching out, just now getting involved when you could’ve at the very least been making sure that they were financially taken care of whether they want you in their life or not. That’s what a mother does Sky. Instead, you outchea paying for ass injections, flashing your brand new titties every other episode, and acting like an orangutan every week. That’s fine, be who you are, but at the very least make sure the boys are taken care of and you clearly wasn’t doing that.

  • wuzzy

    Well hey if thats what it took so be it. They’re together and that should matter. She was young and you never know how it trully affected her. She is guilty i’m sure.

  • April Asayfe

    get AWAY from me with this, Apollo

  • April Asayfe

    gotta start somewhere, great job Sky …much love and all the best for the two of you

  • Bodhi

    she probably lied about having twins to keep from being ridiculed by people like you who will judge her for making the decision to give them up and then call her out her name by calling her a slut. its clear she didn’t have the best upbringing in the world so you cant expect her to give to 2 kids at 14 what her mentally ill mother cant giver to her. At Least they here and breathing and not sucked up a tube(which is any womans choice by the way) No matter how long it took her, There is nothing wrong with her deciding to be a mother now.

  • kawaii(◕ω◕★)

    to think all it took was genesis to do that interview for sky to “reunite” with them. sky’s full of shit and i see right through her. i bet if genesis never did that interview, sky would still be thotting around ATL while her sons still wondering why she doesn’t contact them. she closer to des because he probably don’t remember/know everything and he’s easier to manipulate. genesis knows better and see sky for the ratchet trifling woman she is. i used to fuck with sky heavy until she was exposed this summer and i’m glad she was. she should’ve kept the “i gave my babies up for adoption so they can have a great life!” storyline off tv from the jump.

  • Kieta Heslop

    ohhhhhhhhhhh im sooooooooooo happy for you there is no better relationship than one of a mother and her son you better go on head gurrrrrl love ya both its exactly how i look at my son much love from london sky

  • Screw Sky’s lying ass and I’m sick of her snotting all over TV to get sympathy for her fucked up choices and decisions.

    First Sky tried to pass it off as if she had twins (“I had 2 babies at 14”) then she switched it up when she got called out, and both baby daddies showed up. There was no “legal” adoption or seeking a good family for her boys since, at the time, Sky’s rodent ass was in jail.

    Most sane children would be embarrassed as fuck to claim a slutty ass mother who fucks in dirty piss-smelling bathrooms and fights like ghetto trash.

  • R C

    I was thinking the same. That’s why she couldn’t keep up lol
    I’m hoping that this, the reuniting with her kids helps her heal and helps her kick her habits. May this be a healing process for them all

  • R C


  • R C

    That’s what’s up sky. Congratulations! Work on that mother & son relationship. That’s what’s up!

  • Scarlette

    She was acting weird with him like he was a boyfriend or something. Something just seemed a lil off 🤔

  • Aleshia George

    she looks so happy!

  • Kierra Beans

    She looks so happy ♥️

  • J-Dub Good that was beautiful….now all she has to do is kick the cocaine habit and get on some meds for her bipolar disorder and she’ll be straight.

  • Abstruce

    Now let’s see if you can make amends with Genesis, Sky. He’s more hurt bc he can remember more, and when he reached out to his mother after he got out of juvie, she was purchasing a new pu$$y. #priorities

  • A lost Sheep


  • Nita

    I’m happy for her that she’s in her child’s life and they’d re enjoying being in each other’s lives. I hope her oldest son will let go of his anger and forgive her

  • Lacy4u

    That’s cool that he accepts her & isn’t upset about all the time that was missed between them. After all, the past can’t be changed but the future is where you make the best or most of a situation.