WATCH: Rah Ali explains to TMZ why she attacked Sky at Diddy’s New Years Eve party

Though Rah Ali may be catching hell over her sneak attack on Sky at Diddy’s flashy New Years Eve bash in Miami, she finds bittersweet peace of mind in knowing that before the new year rolled-in, she was able to finally get the revenge that she has been boiling over for a year now. With her sights now set on leaving the madness in 2017, watch as she pleads her case to TMZ.

  • ninaS

    yayyy rah got some publicity!! gurrlll youre so lame

  • Michelle Walker

    There’s That time and a place for everything. Sge more worried about fighting then getting her coins. Smh.

  • J_Svengali

    She got thrown out that party lmaoooo

  • Elishia Woodard

    And Sky still fucked her up and I don’t understand why every one going in on Diddy he did nothing wrong he had nothing to do with it

  • Elishia Woodard

    Can you tell that how again

  • Elishia Woodard

    Rah Ali just say you attacked Sky like that cause you didn’t want to get ya ass handed to you again Sky fought you straight up at Black ink… you are A PUNK ASS BITCH and I hope Sky catch ya ass again and hand it to you again

  • Adrianee P


  • The Beaujetto Socialite

    omg..what happen to her face????? her nose looks crazy weird

  • Chezza49

    His as ratchet as they come but with a heap more coins !!

  • Jhanny

    Rah is a Punk… she ain’t holding no heat… that was straight up corny… she got #weakbitchsyndrome can never rate a bitch that sneaks up on ppl like that. kmft

  • N’Deye Delgado

    You’re totally right but my thing is this… if you are invited to a Diddy party you know that’s a major networking opportunity why would an up and comer in the industry trying to expand their clout in the game choose such a place to expose their own ratchetness… it makes no sense now Rah is going to be blackballed from such places because of a woman she hates… I hope those three lame, top of the head, punches she threw on Sky’s dome was worth all the potential money she could have made with real business minded people in there (you know vs. LHH style entrepreneurs)

  • D money

    Say that shit sis “money can’t buy you class”

  • D money

    Omg I was just talking about this, he’s done way worse shit at ppl events, but mfs on here acting like he holy and a god



  • Such A Baddie

    😭 The comments due it some justice, but it’s something you have to watch for yourself lol…

  • ~IndustryClassy~

    I read the comments b4 looking at the video and was still like 😲

  • bella

    Thought she was about to be popping, hanging with Nicki & got used as the snake that she is. She needed some type of attention but she found it in the wrong light.

  • Such A Baddie

    Rover? 😭 I get it… you can see from the video Sky genuinely thought Rah was playing nice and left the drama behind.

  • ~IndustryClassy~

    Sky had her guard down cuz Rover had posted she was done with the negativity blah blah a while back

  • Paige Banks

    rah is an angry donkey and she’s probably gonna be blackballed from any events

  • TeamTewMurch

    She look like Donkey Kong wit a wig on!!! Just TRAGIC!!!

  • Melo Lissa

    Why does people think Puff Daddy. P Diddy classy this the same guy that tried to pour a bottle over K Dot head and almost got beat by JCole… this the same nigga that was in the east coast west coast beef like money can’t buy you class…Diddy is ratchet too just with a lot of money

  • Ci Ci_24


  • Ci Ci_24

    Rah was wrong. Period. There’s a time and a place for everything. So you just so choose to pick what’s suppose to be a classy event to show who you really are. My thing is , why you wait a whole year later to “get her”… you supposedly knew where she lived and all of that. Eh! But i have Never too much cared for Rah, she never seemed genuine she seemed like a scam especially when she was trying to “manage” that chick from BBOD.. lololol 😂

  • Sy

    Ok, yh…. 2 days later. Bye!!

  • NinetyNinth Flag

    Identify the grammatical mistakes… and ignore your lack of punctuation. Never mind, I withdraw that request. You are (you’re) lame, and inadequate. I don’t care to exchange redundancies with you. It’s boring, unproductive, and beneath me. Enjoy life, misery sucks. Make a change.











  • brownbombshell

    Officer prob want attention

  • brownbombshell

    For ya dickheads saying sky dumb for hugging her like no it’s called being grown and she thought rah was on the same page ya must’ve forgot sky and Donna got it popping and moved past it like grown women it’s a lot of lil girls on here I see, with that “beef” mentality… ya wanna be tough so bad but a bitch who hands really work don’t and won’t feel it necessary to KEEP going back and forth! That shit really for the birds! Specially if u was the one in the wrong hold that shit down!

  • speaktheee truthh

    This is the reason why “real” celebrities don’t take reality tv stars seriously! Rah only sells shoes lol it could have been her chance to network, but wasted it by pulling such a bitch ass move., smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ some people will never elevate and always stay and remain stagnant.

  • zoe camilleri

    i hope she sues her

  • Savannah Love Mo’Doe

    Super facts

  • Savannah Love Mo’Doe


  • Savannah Love Mo’Doe

    Rah wanted pay back for sky tapping that ass only thing rah did just bitch ass shit Sky came to her toe to toe fuuuukkkk outta here Rah 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Wen💋

    Rah knows for herself she was WRONG and WEAK to sneak Sky. Especially at an event surrounded by people of much money. Looks classless on Rah’s part. Bet you she’ll never get another invite anywhere. Possibly ruined Sky’s chances of getting invited or in any celeb event again as well. Rah, take your L mama and soften that extra strong gorilla face while you’re at it. We don’t want to see that 🙈

  • Ms_CHeLLe

    Frfr….just turrrible.

  • Fee2nice

    That’s how you know Rah Ali feel like Sky beat her up the first time because she wanted a rematch… Weak chick had to sneak sky to get it. Sister don’t be coming to brother love (Diddy) Party with the devil in your heart

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    I hate to call people names because I can’t talk about anyone being overweight. But seriously..: they were at a classy event. Why would she do that smdh

  • ㅤㅤLa


  • ㅤㅤLa

    She irritates me lol even on LHHNY and I was glad when she was finally gone.

  • Bridgette Lee


  • Chantel


  • Chantel

    NOT TS !

  • Chantel


  • Chantel


  • BossBee

    Had to be!

  • BossBee

    Honestly, I don’t even remember.

  • Family First

    Rahh greelighted sky on sucker [email protected] impulse SKY STILL bout that sneak diss life from this day stamping it on my digital calendar Karma kosperacy theory THAT FROM Now THROUGH Feb 12th Sky back on her liNE STARTING NOW

  • Such A Baddie

    First Zell Swagg now Rah. It actually makes a lot of sense, by pretending to be friendly, peaceful and welcoming security thinks everything is fine until bam, attack lol. I gotta check some of ya’ll bishes in the comments though! all a sudden ya’ll got morals saying “she’s a punk for sneaking her” so if y’all see a person you fought before or got beef with you’re gonna use proper etiquette and ask “excuse me ma’am can we square up?” Lol noooo didn’t think so! I don’t care for rah or sky, but sky stupid asf for thinking after she molly wopped rah a yr ago and they’ve gone back and forth in social media (but haven’t seen each other since), that rah was wishing her a happy new year and wanted a hug. Like Sky…💁🏽

  • Bad & Bruja

    Sky must have been high as fuck. High off coke, high off that New Year New Me energy and some more…because no way we’re hugging shit out after all the bullshit. Plus she didn’t notice her shoes were off. That should have been her biggest telltale.

  • Bad & Bruja


  • Bad & Bruja

    That read though. You said it all.

  • ㅤㅤLa

    She always get in her interviews and play this sweetheart and Innocent. So you wanna move forward now after you got dragged. She knew when she went to black ink what was going to happen. If I recall, she asked where she was. We all saw videos of her saying they’d meet up. So you knew, she ain’t just pop up. Bye Rah.

  • Keyzee

    I wished they both would’ve fell down a flight of stairs. I guess we just gon’ ignore the fact that Sky was willing to give her a hug after talking all that shit. I’m not hugging no bitch I fought, for what if we over it fine but you get in my space I can’t promise you anything. In my eyes they’re both cowards. Sky didn’t want any static at that party too bad Rah didn’t mind.

  • DvlDoggBAM412


  • rere

    Rah and Sky are too old to be fighting! Rah snuck Sky so she could be labeled the winner😂😂 she failed miserably 🤷🏾

  • Rigby

    her face yuk!

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    And p.s. that white lady face said it all for me. she was like, “mmhm. bitch you are a lie and i see right thru the bull. bye wig!”

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    For the dummies in the comment section who keep saying Rah just wants to be back in the spotlight. Mona pays her to come back and forth on love and hip hop. She doesn’t even have to step foot in the camera. Now seriously… Check ya’ll facts. And lastly… I knew Rah was ghetto and ratchett. But this is a new low for her. She is lieing. On Black Ink when Rah came to the shop, she spoke about Sky and asked them to call her up. And they did. So idk where the fuck her story coming from. I don’t have anymore got damn respect for someone who can just sucker punch a bitch. Sky shot Rah a fair one on Black Ink. There was nothing fair about pretending to be cool and then grabbing somebody’s hair later. No chile. You wrong hoe. Big burly moose looking ass hoe smdh

  • Thalia

    Rah a foo… she needed her ass whoop that first fight! Bitches b Fake like that for real… stay away from them!!!

  • Sy

    All i see is obvious grammatical mistakes lol

  • MizzBlunt Holly-lolly Campbell

    this bitch just wanna be back in the lime light LOLS

  • NinetyNinth Flag

    i thought it was obvious…but tell your friend that I put “your” is in quotation marks because I am replying to YOU…

  • Laylanyc

    This Big Bird looking bitch
    Foh! Your a punk ass bitch . we alll know Sky handled that … obviously she needed some attention and air time come on she didn’t know Sky was too going to be there, you know she lying …. Rah noooobodyy gives 2 Fuck about you or anything that you do, what she do again? Buys shoes for Celebs Ctfu!

  • Gia

    Ctfu 100!!!

  • Luccicreno

    Thats the whole point tho…Tactfulness! First of all her and Sky fought over a year ago and its not like Rah doesnt know where she works to get payback. Who attacks somebody at an event that neither of y’all should really be at tbh(and I love Sky). Rah fed into the stereotype that reality ppl are a trashy,ghetto mess rather than playing it cute then getting that bitch the next time u see her. She made an ass out of herself.

  • PowerFanatic

    Ditto!! Theres a time & place for everything… No matter how “street” you are, you gotta use that brain!

  • HonestA

    I don’t fuck with Rah anymore than y’all do TRUST but let’s not act like Sky didn’t do the exact same shit to the bitch only reason the shit was stupid is because of where they were at , she made herself look stupid af and possibly ruined potential business relationships .

  • mirra.k

    U wrote all that for…. Its called growth and she ain’t growing obviously

  • mirra.k

    This bitch. Look dumb every time she opens her fat ass mouth

  • Sweetheart

    Rah just want attention because no one checking for her. Rah have several seats…..

  • sim simma

    random af but i was on facebook and i see genesis’s old foster parents are trying to reach out to him, then a juvie center officer replied and claimed genesis wasn’t that tough in jail with him. mmm…..

  • Dominique Graham

    Rah that was bitch move

  • Gmail4life

    Yes ..Amen.

  • CityButterfly

    As for Sky I got where she was coming from too because Rah did come off to her as if she was reaching out for a hug 🤗…think about it 🤔despite Sky’s tough exterior and how she puts on for reality tv in real life she just recently reconnected with her children that were adopted and has a new sense of life…she’s trying to change and working on becoming a better person which doesn’t happen overnight. When Rah reached out for that hug in Sky’s mind she was thinking Rah was going to take that L and turn a new leaf going into the new year which would have been beautiful and adult like…but that demon inside Rah said hell no….charge…either way they are both emotionally disturbed 😩

  • Bridgette Lee

    TheY both fucked up their platform long before the fight🤷The reality 💩 probably won’t take them NO PLACE😂 THE FIGHT DIDN’T DO 💩TO THEIR IMAGE🤦IJS THEY BOTH TRASH

  • CityButterfly

    I don’t want to hear nothing this disgusting human being has to say I couldn’t even finish listening to her rant about why she did it. She has no loyalty to anyone she did Remy Ma dirty and gloated about it by jumping on that diss song with Nicki Minaj after they fell out…so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander… then 5 days after she acted like an untrained animal at a party with millionaires she wants to come off all civilized and apologetic….I’m not buying what she’s trying to sale…she’s full of 💩

  • Dante Armstrong

    Thats what im saying rah started it but sky jumping her when all she did was talk and get a tattoo made this happen. They need to bring back celebrity dead match. But real life without death and let celebrities go at it.

  • Sevenwinters6summers

    RAH we get it. You wanted some getback. Plus you aint on no reality shows rite now at all. I like Sky too but DAMN I wish commentators would stop gassin her up like she really savage

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    Nah. Rah ethered herself on this one. Obviously she ain’t got no real friends to tell her the nail in the coffin was that interview. Sky is undoubtedly undefeated champion all she did was show up…🤣🤣🤣

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    You made me choke on my dribble…🤤😖😱😬

  • 🤔Hmm#?

    Well put…when I am high, a Bish stay on alert🚨. Rha Ali is phony… look at the way she came a Taharie”. her bestie..
    Just b/c you’re happy ,that doesn’t mean, everyone has your best interest. Sky was more than likely high off where her life is taking her. But she’d walked into that (1).

    Your at a “P. Diddy’ Eveny, “A” list party. 🗣🤗 Mind blowing.
    Let me reinstate’ a comment that has already been made.
    (#1) A lister don’t even socialize with reality “stars” like that. (The nose 👃 turnt up is real.)
    (#2) Both of them could’ve been networking, this would’ve been the best time to do so.
    I keep business cards in my purse 👜.

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    She’s a herb. She showed the world she’s a punk and a Vic. I hope she got security because there’s some real thashers out there and that’s all they do that will throw hands just for bragging rights. I see who stole patti’s old nose Looking like a young Rasputia with 1000 dollar bundles. This broad needs a job and a girdle. Remi come give this child an application…😒😒😒

  • Tasticks

    The funny part is that Rah thinks it’s over and done with and left in 2017. You must be outta yo rabbit @$$ mind to think Sky is not going to DRAG you in the near future. Ain’t no rules to street fighting, but 1) this wasn’t a street fight but an industry event and 2) it doesn’t take a year to avenge a beatdown. I’m glad Remy left this hood booger alone.

  • R C

    Rah gladly accept your L award honey. You truly deserve it..

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    Pre or post bleaching?! I need answers before I log off forever…😂🤣😂

  • Ebony Hernandez

    i wouoldn’t say that she had no chance. however, skyy is a complete IDIOT for thinking that she was just gonna hug it up with her, after everything she’s done in response to whatever Rah did to set her off in the first place. what was their beef, anyway?

  • Anevay
  • Ebony Hernandez

    Except for the day skyy got at her at black Ink Crew. Skyy gave her time to get prepared and all. yetshe still got that ass whipped!

  • Anevay

    Not a Sky fan at all but that shit in Black Ink would of never happened if Rah didn’t go to Sky’s house banging down her door to fight all because they said dumb shit to each other about eye lashes….going to someone’s house is out of control and the type of shit that will get you a bullet….won’t be surprise if Rah ends up dead some place if that’s the way she handles business at her age.

  • Anevay

    Lol! You sure right…there’s no mess like some hot ghetto mess 🤣

  • Anevay

    This type of shit is why Papoose did not want Remy hanging with Rah…behind that fake accent is a hood rat who will take her shoes off and fight like a pit bull any place any time 😫

  • BossBee

    I don’t care if you’re Team Sky or Team Rah, truth of the matter is that was some punk ass shit. Her reasoning made sense, but I have a feeling she also did that cus she knows Sky got the hands for that ass. In a straight up fist fight, Rah is no competition. If she thinks that Sky is going to let this one slide, then she has another thing coming. Bitch just took it to a whole ‘nother level so she’d better be ready at all times.

  • Anevay Ain’t nothing classy about that linebacker….picture this when she tries to put on that fake accent and tone

  • Zarah

    Rah failed to mention she started that shit by going to Sky’s house to fight her after their online beef over some stupid eyelashes…that right there established the type of cra-cra uncivilized petty heffer she really is….who da fuck does that then expect to walk into Black Ink of all places and not have a problem.
    Sucker moves like that get no respect.

  • LOL Bri’s lying ass! I called it!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Lashibadgyal habibi

    I’m glad she did that to sky , take a piece of humble piece bitch 🤣

  • jus_saying

    black folks need our own tv station (not white-washed BET). look at what we’re watching. lol

  • Dante Armstrong

    Sorry. You Sky fans are butt hurt but it is what it is. Rah Ali got her. You guys are saying Rah was a punk for it but what person in their right mind thinks the beef is gone after what she did to Rah. Granted I think Rah started it with social Media comments. But Sky is supposed to smarter than that. Seems like she’s gotten too hollywood. Last time you see a chick you bum rush her and scream “You said on sight” Then from what Rah said you still talking about it in interviews. Maybe because of the location you thought she wouldn’t be ratchet. However Why would you go towards her in a hug? You don’t like her and she don’t like you. Makes no sense. I like them both, sky more than rah but I have to side with Rah with the win. Now Sky needs to shave her head Because everytime she see’s Rah Ali that chick goes for her hair. You need to be non grip bitch. Hate on Rah if you want but sky did the same thing on black ink.

  • Wetnwild86

    Soooo I thought thes e two had beef…why would sky fall for a hug?! I’m confused 🤔

  • Excepcion

    over weight v for vendetta lookin ass bitch. i dont like either of these broads but Rah the worst of the two. smh. Sky over due for multiple g checks though..shes lucky karma has been gentle with far.

  • Sy

    And why is “your”
    in quotations marks?.. asking for a friend

  • Sy


  • Sy

    I have no problem ma. And no, the description of the female interviewer wasn’t the only point u made. It was just the one i chose to comment on. Anything else? Yours sincerely, a brown chick lol

  • Sy


  • Sy

    No problem here ma. Yours sincerely a brown girl lol

  • Bridgette Lee

    I thought she was TS Madison talking about the fight lbvs that’s why I clicked on it🤷

  • Bridgette Lee

    She made it seem like she was 4/5 feet away from the fight and basically only her and a couple ppl was around😬 SHE WASN’T AROUND 🤡 And neither was I🤷

  • Bridgette Lee

    That’s the same thing I said on mediatakeout website… Blue hair mufucka was just talking 💩 like the rest of us that wasn’t invited 😖

  • Jettson Garner Ames Green

    Rah looking like a 49.5 year old tranny sammy sosa. She need to focus on that ole aint got no friends tryna catch some airtime headazz. What a bum bum

  • none yubiz

    Rah look smooth like a TS in the icon…I had read the caption before my brain could make out that it was her 😪😂🗑🗑

  • Scarlette
  • Scarlette
  • osato

    she said rah got beat up, proper detailed and everything

  • Victoria M.

    Right. Batshit crazy. lol.

  • Victoria M.

    Sky works at a tattoo shop so that’s not the only reason to go there. Lol. But if you HMU and ask me to come talk, I’m coming to talk. Both situations were lame. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • NinetyNinth Flag

    …just curious….

  • Victoria M.

    Thank you! Thought I was the only one that thought that. Lol.

  • NinetyNinth Flag

    Yes, pink. What’s “your” problem with my description of the female interviewer? AND… was my description of the female interviewer THE ONLY POINT made in my comment?

  • Sy

    The pink chick 😩🙊

  • NinetyNinth Flag

    Sooooo…the pink chick (conducting the interview) thought that Rah’s ambush was a good tactic! WOW! Did y’all catch that??? And why is this low and dirty behavior being “uplifted” and supported????? Tacky, tacky, tacky. I give Rah the side-eye…. she’s a REAL loser!

  • Sy

    Sky need to FUK her up!! Off camera..

  • Sy

    What was she lying about

  • Sy

    Bird 🐤

  • Cynthia Watson


  • Sy

    She could’ve only gone to skys place of work for one thing. A fight

  • Sy

    SHe done it so slick tho

  • speaktheee truthh

    What a coward! A bitch move… she wasn’t ready!!

  • J Neka Js

    I knew BRI was lying

  • Barbara Codner

    Rah was corny for that. I know that she was upset and embarrassed for what Sky did to her at the shop but she knew that Sky was going to fight her. She even asked why she was dressed ready to scrap. Pretending that you’re going to hug someone and make peace and then attack them is both foul and cowardly.

  • Bridgette Lee

    Idc what nobody say Rah played that 💩off cold 😬 .. If sky was paying attention she would’ve noticed Rah take her shoes off and got ready🤷But when you high and tripping you slip up🤷

  • Bodhi

    are you shay that used to mess with scrappy?

  • MsRika Lafaye

    Say what now…You would like to put this behind you because its been only 10min after entering into 2018. If she like to…lmao….Sky is going to take your head off…good luck with that

  • Yetunde

    She got exactly what she was looking for. Attention. She’s doing an interview with TMZ.

  • RaeTay

    Finally a reality show…that wasn’t scripted where’s the problem?

  • Yetunde

    She’s an idiot.

  • Angelina Jannae

    Nnoooo! Hug/punch 😳🙄👊❤

  • 🤔Hmm#?

    This shit right here …is sooo fuc🤔 up..
    Rha Ali…is trying to save face. This Bish Rha Ali is bold af.. bye 👋
    Tread lightly…ma…you are straight buggin… you look sooo Old trash stupid

  • ImSomebodyToo

    I’m not mad at her for hug punching Sky. Happy New Year.

  • Ema

    Because she’s ratchet. No explanations needes!

  • Holly👱🏾‍♀️

    Shut up bitch😑

  • Lost Sheep

    Sky, I KNOW u so pissed off, u cant see straight, but u got Kids to concentrate on. SHE AINT DID SHIT, BUT MADE HERSELF LOOK EVEN STUPIDER, U MIGHT AS WELL HAD WHOOPED THT ASS, AGAIN! We ALL know, u would of, u was at a party, guards down, I KNOW, u had been drinking, to even let tht nobody, even embrace u, plus she broke code! She get ZERO props, for tht sneak attack, im just TOO thru with tht hood booger! She want u to drop it cuz she dont want her ass beat, again! Girl, F her, u already kicked her ass, she she sneaked u, hell, u STILL WON! She, IT, wanted too humiliate u, like u did her, unsuccessfully, she humiliated HERSELF! Now be the bigger person n say, u got your Kids grace, to get in, n dog her ass for tht, we are

  • Lakisha Mcdonald

    she irrelavent always been this why she wanted and needed camera time

  • Lakisha Mcdonald

    you see they escorted her ass and her friends out not sky lol

  • Lakisha Mcdonald

    rah was totally out of line and classless…….she was whack for that shit and i just want sky to keep her cool cause this trick going around bragging about this to the world sky said on sight in your face rah pulled the pussy move lol karmas a bitch

  • Aleshia George

    shut up you did that shit on for exposure and you still aint shit! so uncalled for!

  • Tina LaRoux

    Get Sky on TMZ. Her only words are going to be “On Sight…” None of this PC mess that Rah is spitting, lol

  • Rodney L. Robinson


  • SeannaPaula


  • SeannaPaula

    sky was too high to pick up the clues. rah u had this planned, hurry up with part 3 none a these hoes is worth shyt

  • Supreme

    She’s a dub. Period. She proved that on the show. There were claims of her being a scammer from day one, she switched up on Remy, and sneaked Sky. She’s canceled.

  • Supreme

    No this is real life

  • Ms jai

    Rah sneaky for that and sky dumb for not being up on game but both these females need to let it go…. I promise u they probably don’t even remember y the beef started anyway

  • Madam Tee

    Nope they’re actually doing it for free… They’re not even being provoked by producers or being paid by a network

  • Camden

    How when she worked there?
    Sky worked at the shop not Rah.

  • Takeisha Kindred

    Yes. I am glad someone agree with me she jealous of sky’s success. She really didn’t get nuffin but back of the punches. She a clown.

  • Reina1718

    But sky was comin at her like wasup wasup, she knew what was comin…sky thought this was a hug

  • Tanay Woodard

    I can understand her point, but still you a grown women your never let a person have you come out of character. But maybe being a hood rat is her character..

  • Lisa King

    Are these women doing this for t.v.

  • Kjazzy31

    Right. Rah comes off classy crazy and sky ass is just off her rocker.

  • Sunshinegirl

    Why would they give this bird any air time? How are you going to disrespect this man’s party like that? I’m sure Diddy’s going to make sure she doesn’t get into anything he’s affiliated with in New York and everywhere for that matter. Just a disgrace as a Black woman. So childish.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    Rah deserves to be sued.

  • pooty

    girrrrrrrrl bye


    Rah has lost all respect! That was straight corny. She has no self love and it shows! Fuck her!! BIG UPS TO MY GIRL SKY!!! I hope Sky fucks her Up Legally & Physically again! 👊👊👊

  • HtownVixen

    Exactly!!! Rah said that she kicked off her shoes before walking up to Sky soooooooo…How didn’t Sky know what was about to go down??? 🤔

  • MelaninGoddess

    She did kinda sneak up on her at the shop though….just sayin

  • MelaninGoddess

    I really hope that Sky decides to just drop it at this point and not keep this thing going. She really need to just focus on building her relationships with her kids…especially the older son who’s tired of seeing her cuttin up and showing out

  • Victoria M.

    I hope not.

  • Victoria M.

    I’m surprised sky didn’t know what was about to happen. Rah walked up to her barefoot. That wasn’t a red flag?

  • Victoria M.

    That’s not entirely true because sky has done interviews and gloated about the fight in the interview. She definitely didn’t sneak her though. That’s definitely true. But she could’ve been caught off guard by the fact that sky said let’s talk but clearly came dressed to fight.

  • Reina1718

    Girl sky aint thought about u since that fight & she aint sneak u at the tattoo shop…she wanna be relevant

  • Reina1718

    She is dying to be on TV lol corn ball, i hate when she tries to talk “classy”

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Was it the lights or is all these ladies bleaching their skin….Like, wtf….

  • Pink lemonade

    Boi, if you say so Rah Ali #itsallinthepast

  • donnie

    boff ya crazy