WATCH: Hazel E hangs her haters from a noose in her gritty new rap video for ‘What R U Talkin Bout’

Despite receiving a public tongue-lashing not too long ago over her controversial statements about dark skin women and gays, Hazel E is now aiming to push the boundaries a little further with the edgy visual for ‘What Are You Talkin Bout’ where she symbolically hangs her detractors by a noose while wielding a bat around.

The jury is still out on if she’ll be returning to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood following recent calls for her to be fired, but in the meantime you can peep her latest rap effort below.

  • Chezza

    noticed that

  • Akil

    First she talks trash about dark-skinned Black women…now she’s “hanging” her enemies from a noose? Doesn’t she know ANY history???

  • Gunnardab

    At least her hair look better

  • Such A Baddie

    Let’s be realistic and stop complaining about her lyrical capabilities and content…hazel isn’t saying nothing different then your favorite female rappers.they all rap about the same things which includes money, cars, designer brands, being above and better than other bishes, sex, arrogance and narcissism…so was the video and song that bad? Visuals could have been better, but it wasn’t horrible.

  • mena

    She did this video AFTER iyalna so you know it’s some fake shit. She went on that show for clout n tv time . She’s not sorry

  • Cherjean White

    We talking about you wack as fuck girl fix my life yeah right gurl u need help frm god not fix my life

  • Anonymous

    Give me some jewels, a good wig; good make up and lighting and I could make a better video/rap better than this…hell, anybody can…just the right amount of $$$ and you set!

  • Anonymous

    She is sad and desperate. I saw the clip from Iyanla’s Fix My Life. Talking about hanging a bitch. Our forefathers: Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., etc. would surely roll over in their graves. What the fudge have we become….

  • What are YOU talking about Hazel. Wtf
    And girl please put away that hard, funny shaped arse.

  • L E

    Clean the shit out your ears.

  • Paizley Medearis

    It’s ok like a 5 on a scale of 1-10

  • Deedee Rich

    what are talking bout !!! the beat cool but to just sit and talk about labels and your ass out is wack to me. sorry not sorry with all going on in this world u could have came up with much much more to say better hell if just for the beat. just a waste of a bomb ass beats smh

  • Vanity Chavez Ceoofvmpginc

    I kinda like it. That is all

  • Veronic Campbell

    I didn’t hate it… She did try it! Sounds like Cardi before she read it, ripped it up, and started over.Nice try Hasel.

  • 2sweet

    I like even though your mouth not your own but could have more lyrics flowing i felt the verse was on repeat abit much but overall cool video

  • Gmail4life

    The noose not feeling but Hazel E she’s trying. It wasn’t too bad …lol Cush …ha.

  • Roro

    Again…bless her heart.


    Thank You!


    First of all, that bottom looks TOXIC & it looks HARD > in a transient > malt liquor > brown cigarette > sun faded velvet interior of a 1980 something long Cadillac > Ol’bigger they are harder they fall #StruggleGangGluteus > so I don’t think it should’ve been featured and I was Of’fended. Secondly, for a person of color – known for crying behind African genitalia that refused to claim her – to have a song about ‘roping’ people up screams I hate my life, I hate myself and I’m desperate to be good enough. I wonder why its not enough for Hazel to get some therapy and settle down as a normal lady? It seems like she put unrealistically high standards on “happy” and now she’s playing with fire to get there… #Cray

  • QBee

    Just goes to show that a dope beat can make garbage bars sound decent…I see she’s still with whatever his name is.

  • Goddess Nefertiti

    me either.. but this song i was a little surprised… i didnt even really watch the video cause i was so in wow that I actually like the song

  • Goddess Nefertiti

    hazel i actually really like this

  • Dean

    I find it funny that dark skin black women would be in this video after what she said about them how sad.

  • AtlantaTasha

    No damn such thing as prasad!!! Lololol 😂😂😂😂

  • AtlantaTasha

    Lol… hell no!!! That this illiterate fool.

  • D Redd

    What is she talkin bout? 😖

  • Dej Ebony

    Straight GARBAGE, but this is the first time she looks decent. 🚮🚮🚮🚮

  • Renee Jones

    Will All you’ll bitches stop it with same’ol shit. Everybody think there’re rappers wtf is go in on.

  • Monica East

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. At least her lyrics were about more than money. Which hazel clearly does not have. Lol

  • Leanne Deacon

    all i know is this is 1000% betta than dimes song

  • Maisha Bora

    so she using black music.. lool self proclaimed white

  • Renee Adams

    i hear you.. but many of us have been abused as children.. its no excuse… she is too above herself.. yes maybe if she owned the shit she does and says then i would look at her differently but she doesnt.. she acts like the world owes her something…

  • Renee Adams

    she just gets on my nerves.. her belly button is under her breasts an her arse just gets to me.. trust that im no hater but she is looking as bad as her personality.. and all that is brought into her music… whack!!

  • Taz Manian


  • Taz Manian

    [email protected] sit yo ugly nasal career ova before it got started ugly azz DOWNNN 😏

  • chi_gorgeous

    I swear when I read it I was like have I been spelling it and pronouncing it wrong 🤔🤣

  • Jacari Jenkins

    This bitch stole Cardi B lines sayin yo pussy feel lika lake come up with you own shit bum bitch

  • Trice

    all the things she had on the show, including her little ass apartment regular people are able to obtain. all of those cars i seen in the video i’ve seen on the road regularly. She hates herself, and its ok that she do.. But leave us the fuck alone with the T-RASH! lls

  • Darnell Gray-Taylor

    This shit right here is fucking TRASH!!!!!!!!!
    The hip hop community, all hip hop artist and love & hip hop (Hollywood, ATL, MIAMI and NY) black ball her from all hip hop period

  • kneesee

    Hmmm let me see…..🤔….. Her hair was cute. Yep that’s about all I got. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • mocha brown

    Didn’t watch this piece of shit video butttt she is promoting hanging people which the majority of slaves owners and racist did to black people. IS SHE DUMB?! PLEASE SOMEONE SHOOT HER🔫🔫I’M PAYING MONEY💰💵💵

  • Monica East

    This girls got real talent, unlike hazel e.

  • Monica East

    This is not me. Im not a rapper so what the hell are you talking about?

  • She’s Still on That ‘I Have Something to Prove’ Shit 🤦🏽‍♀️ Flow Was Straight Though. I Felt a Few Cardi B Vibes Though

  • Broken But Mendable

    what are you talkin bout, your Bentley truck is rented, talkin all dis trash don’t have 50 Benz in cash, what are you talkin bout, you got kicked off LHHollywood cuz yo scank rump aint no good, so what are you talking bout, yo lyrics are rusty, and yo style is dusty, so what are you talkin bout, on LHH trying to be funny, but Tee Tee’nem are the only ones makin money. So what are you talking bout. See anybody can be a Hazel Extra (because she is doing to much)

  • Broken But Mendable

    girl who knows, but I bet those vehicles in the video are rented. lol

  • Broken But Mendable

    she could have left that noose off that video, that concept was stupid ass crap. If somebody white would have done that, it would be a problem. So, don’t be stupid and put that mess in one of our videos. You talking about hanging people on ropes. I know it’s a figure of speech to her, but with all the intelligence and talent she claims to have, I am pretty sure she could have came up with some better lyrics for that part.

  • Ashley Wilson

    The song and video is ok no lie
    But her reputation won’t let me like her

  • Renee Adams

    what you talking bout?? bear shit.. what are you talking bout? your ass looks wakkk.. what are you talking bout?

  • Rich

    She’s one sad confused individual. Why do these people brag about things they aren’t even close to being able to afford.

  • Star Solomon

    I like it… Not really feeling Hazel but the song and video was alright.

  • sim simma

    comes to show you she never had shit and thinks having designer stuff makes you rich

  • sim simma

    stop with this obvious self-promo

    “I heard this new female artist from Texas yesterday, and she killing this shit”.

  • Lovelyari

    Wait… 0:38 is that ol girl from BGC , Twisted Sisters ?

  • Tasha

    Right …. I couldn’t of saw d it better my self

  • Tasha

    Ooo ouch 😆😆

  • Tasha

    ummmm….. all I hear is designer names and if I were one of those designers I would not be happy with this roach wearing or even mentioning my name ….. seriously what is she for 😑

  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver


  • Chezza49

    Exactly,People that are truly rich don’t brag at all !! Can’t stand the fake ass reality stars that brag on about what they supposedly have and usually their lacking in personalities!!

  • Daddy Pea

    This is some sad shit… What is she talking about???

  • Andrea

    The song is better than Cardi B bartender or whatever song. But fuck Hazel with this noose in the video, her white side showing. Smh

  • Stacia Lamar

    We talking bout why her black onesie looks like Edward scissor hands 🙄 next caaaaaaaaaaase!

  • thekeep itonehundred

    Actually like this song

  • MChantye

    right and she too old fa that chyt

  • MChantye

    Yall cracking me up hahahahaha

  • MChantye

    your comment shoulda been the response rap back to her, ha

  • MChantye

    So exactly where does she get all of this money? Reality tv? IJA

  • Chantel


  • Shoot N Ladder

    Lololololololol….. Gurl what are you talkin bout… Y’all see Rosie Burgandy at the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy end… That dude in the green had way more air time then her dude…. DEAD ON ARRIVAL and that fake booty…. Loggin Off…

  • Trice

    im sick of these celebrities flaunting materials pretending to be rich! How much is in your account to spend? how much of what your flaunting is OWNED? wheres ya land? cars depreciate in value, jewelry resale value is dense, and designer clothes only second hand boutiques would buy for the low. I can not wait to see these mofos with this same mind frame at 55. Shes closer to that age than anyone. Janet was/ is a superstar but even she had to find a billionaire to get that retire shmoney. this “lake” of a pussy youth is being spent with a no body.

  • Brittany Johnson

    Yessss! The bish tried IT!

  • MzNeicy

    Why she try remix Cardi B lyrics along with Dream Doll lyrics to make her shit sound relevant bitch bye it’s been done!!!

  • Doris G

    Hazel E need to regroup and make better songs, she need to level-up. I understand her hurt and pain, because she has been through a lot; much was her own doing. She just need to take much needed time for herself, and love herself and get back to her true calling. It makes me think that some people cannot handle any kind of fame.

  • Shannon Hendricks

    Lmaoooo you a nut!!!!!

  • Ms. Mia N.

    I have no intention on watching this clown. She drips WHOLE KERNELS of corn, that’s just how corny she is. I thought that accident over in Dubai would be a humbling experience for her but some will never know when to have a seat. Smh

  • Mommy Nicole

    Not even wasting my time listening to this ish, she whack, the song whack, she trying to stay relevant, but guess what, it’s not happening. Hazel needs sit down sumwhere and get her life.

  • Chloe Jolie

    Butch you’re still built like a 2 by 4, your face still looks like a donkeys ass and you still suck. Fake ass nigga

  • CC smithe


  • Chantel


  • Chantel


  • QueenMariella

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 well$$🤣🤣

  • Well$$Well$$😇

    #sigh Hazel E needs to stop chasing waterfalls and stick to the reality shows that she used to. The song and video issa no for me.

  • AtlantaTasha

    Wait wait wait….. what is PRASAD????? Hopefully autocorrect did that. (But it’s not even an English word). I think you were looking for FACADE. I just pray you don’t be around people using the made up word “Prasad”🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • love

    She has to be the DUMBEST person in the galaxy. Like for real. No shade.

  • JayG S

    Not even gonna watch. This bitch really used a noose in her video. After her comments about black women with a darker skin complexion than her. Is she honestly this dumb or is she just that hateful and needs that much attention. This women needs serious help. Also haven’t been watching but I guess Iyalna ain’t get to her huh.

  • Camden

    lmaoo this broad just wont go AWAY!!!!

  • MayaDivine

    how many ways can these females rap about making x amount of money and spending it on designer shit…? we get it… now get some real subject matter to rap about… like, what ARE you talking about???

  • Shannon Hendricks

    LHHH…… That’s it… That and the young berg mess

  • Gabby

    She was a PR specialist. She was PR for Trey Songz and a bunch of other big people

  • Shannon Hendricks


  • Wanny

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  • Alejandra Carolina Fina Maltez


  • Courtney Wheeler

    she’s just tone deaf [why o why would she use a noose for anything] and lacks creative direction

  • Robin Thicke Bell

    But she ugly tho.. Any dark skin chick look better than her.. She was trash then and she trash now.. You can polish a turd but it it’s still 💩

  • J Neka Js

    I wasn’t talking about Cardi b flow. She just sounded like her

  • Iseeyoustaringlookingassnigga

    Damn i’m so tired of all these bitches sounding he same rapping about the same tired ass shit! Nope not feeling this, as soon as the beat started I knew I wasn’t going to like it.

  • Tasticks

    I didn’t watch, just posted the comment. I didn’t find the noose depiction funny.

  • mikster

    Never lost mine!!

  • mikster

    Wait she going on there?

  • mikster


  • mikster

    Issa no for me dawg….. I didn’t even click on the video lol

  • Yukiya Wells

    Cardi b steals flows tho 😑

  • SpiceGirl

    hell, she wasn’t even that famous when she was dating Katt Williams….lmbo

  • EducatedRatchet

    I want to hear a rap song with NO DESIGNER name dropping..noooooooooooooooooooo bish…. WTF ARE U talmbout.,this shit is hot garbage truck juice

  • EccentriciDee

    LOL! Didn’t even clock that until you said. Diamond was such a loser/fake on the show.

  • NotNiceImRude

    We talking bout all them rentals cars and clothes, and the botched butt job.. THATS WHAT WE TALKING BOUT.. NOW WHAT R U TALKING BOUT??

  • Bri Truthful

    I REFUUUUSE to listen to this nonsense I’m just here for the comments 😁

  • Mma Winner

    so is beyonce

  • JudgeMeNot


  • QueenMariella

    I hope iyanla fixes this bitch life because this is just unacceptable from a woman of her age like wtf this is a sign of mental illness and I’m not even playing 🤨

  • QueenMariella


  • QueenMariella

    Can someone explain how Hazel E even got famous please I need insight 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    this bitch releases this shit a week before her iyanla episode.
    you’re not low bitch.
    we still won’t like you.

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    wasted is an understatement.

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    you have no taste.
    nor ethics.

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    yeah you GOTTA be on something to say anything else about this except, “HATEFUL GARBAGE”

  • Faye Oxley

    This idiot needs to go back to the books…. She’s the biggest imbecile I’ve seen. First, she’s dissing dark skinned women, and now she’s portraying hanging of black women in her video. Does this woman even comprehend how oppressive that is? Does she know her history? Somehow, she thinks that showing nooses and hangings is the right portrayal to be showing as a black woman of today??? Girl get your beak out of the sand, and wake the f*** up!!!

  • Shannon Hendricks

    You just wasted your $.99

  • Shannon Hendricks

    Now she wanna feature dark skinned girls…. Hazel you still Trash!!! Now… “What is you talking bout”??

  • Brittany Johnson

    Ok so the guy with them Christmas colors on…. I mean I can’t! And as 4 hazel he…. NEXT QUESTION

  • Naira Gatsby

    This woman is 37 btw

  • Supreme


  • Bad & Bruja

    Ha. Look at Diamond’s crazy, lying ass from BGC S15 (the Diamond and Olivia half sister/ex-girlfriends dysfunctional duo)

  • Josie da Goddess




  • Cynthia Watson

    So ummm what is she talking bout

  • Tasticks

    #ReclaimingMyTime ⏰🙄

  • J Neka Js

    Why everyone that swear they can rap have that same flow. Trying to sound like Cardi b

  • Ms jai


  • chi_gorgeous

    She had 1 dark skinned girl in the video for 10 seconds… and a noose…the question should be who actually directed this?? It’s messed up because if she hadn’t been fucking up so much lately, the song itself probably would have gotten some fan support…I mean personally I think it’s better than all her other shit…damn shame…

  • 9Ether


  • Indies beauty

    She will never learn.


    What if the person who wrote for her also wrote for Cardi? I’m not taking up for the coon bitch either ijs the songs sound to similar

  • She’s a disgusting human being. But I love her hair lol. Nice braids.

  • Gmail4life

    It’s lit ..especially on Cush…Shorty on the rise…young necca coming through for a “cougar”⁉️‼️.

  • Ms jai


  • Chantel


  • Ms jai

    Then she did the whole video in that same ass outfit ….she talking about pussy wet ass a lake ….after shooting a “REAL VIDEO” in one outfit the puss was smelling like the lake on a hot sunny day wit the dead bottom feeders ….stop it damnit before I give u a whooping wit my belt

  • Ms jai

    Wait y’all the sad part is ….SHE DEAD ASS SERIOUS 🤣🤣😁😁😁😅😅😯😶

  • Ci Ci_24

    No question is… WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. Girrrrrrrlah! Bye😩. Then she have the nerve to do a video in this crochet Senegalese twist. Girl if you don’t gone on.

  • Terina Remy’Lee Rameka

    Is she still with that man child? Im not American nor black but even I took offence to her video. Cudo’s to you bitch you got the world at your hands but have some humility about it. There are ladies on the grind too earning more but they ain’t out to make a fool of themselves. Go get it ma but you’re doing too much.

  • Terina Remy’Lee Rameka

    Someone needs to give her a reality check

  • Sheniel Dixon

    What is Hazel Flea talkin bout 😂😂😂😂

  • Sheniel Dixon

    Help Hazel Jesus 😞😞

  • Lost Sheep

    She just tryin to get even with black Women, but it will backfire hard as hell, this time, when will she learn!

  • Lost Sheep

    Wow, REALLY, Hazel? I tried to take up for u, even tho im one of them black bitches u hate! This video made me sad, n pissed me off! A NOOSE? A HANGING? U really dug deep as hell! Im totallly done with u, silly bitch! U done really fucked up this time, u better buy a dozen body guards, somebody BLACK gonna beat your ass bloody! U doin way too much, while u got black Fam, a black Mom, n a black hairstyle, with dumb black bitches n niggas in your video, jumpin around like some damn dummies, while u rap tht ugly ass song! U will not learn until somebody black, skin your wanna be White ass ALIVE! If Love and Hip Hop take your ass back, im DONE watching ALL their shows, n I mean it!

  • ScottsdaleFinest

    She still alive? 🙄

  • Choose the Red Pill

    This bitch never learns! Do I want to see her on Iyanla at this point?

  • MsCoco_Duh😒

    What is she talkin bout🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Diasha Brooks

    soooo …. you thought it was ok to have a noose in your video ? …smh , anyway , this sht was trash .

  • India


  • The Observer

    1.05 min in and I cant take it. This girls a waste fam. Then had the almighty nerve to have a dark skin in the video, bitch leave them out of it, its not going to make us accept you, we know your game. You gets NOSE love around here fam.

  • Chinkieyez 420

    OMG please cover up that ass! I’m embarrassed for her. At what point do you just say f*ck it time for a new career path…

  • Queen Li

    Look at her son Rose being a extra in the background 😭😭😭

  • JuJu Fitz

    Nosy Nose is really trying to sound like Cardi🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Amanda Gibson

    Issa No! She had the same hot croch 1 pc in 5 different scenes, anddd she taking lines from cardi B! #OldAssssss

  • MonoMax

    Especially after she was chatting shit about dark skinned women

  • Zarah

    Wasting money as usual making shitty music that don’t play anyplace.

  • Babdeebrit

    Embarrassing someone revoke her black card

  • Reina1718

    No one is looking for her music like y is she doing this?? I could c if her fans askin for it but puleaze

  • PowerFanatic

    Sooooooo she havent learned NOTHING??

  • PowerFanatic

    Like bruh!!!! 🤦🏽🤦🏽

  • PowerFanatic

    I cackled at this comment!!! 😅😅

  • BoomShakalaka

    I see shes had another nose job. Still dead food

  • MonoMax

    She needs to direct all those questions to herself because the song is garbage.

  • MonoMax

    The quality of the video is good but the song is shit. The song is just very shit.

  • Miracle

    The quality of the video is actually very good and it’s cute for the most part. Love me some Hazel

  • ChildofVenus

    Serious question…. Does her and her team honestly feel like it was a good move for her to use a noose in her video? Does she not know the history behind a noose? No honestly… 🤔

  • Miah Stalings

    Okay!!! Go hazel! I c u boo

  • SpiceGirl

    Nasal E…..opps I mean, Hazel E……ummmmmm, still not feeling ya