Braxton Family Values Season 6 Episode 10 – ‘Sister Shutdown’

On episode 10, the Braxton sisters shock all by refusing to film anymore scenes for the show this season, and Toni demands an apology. Meanwhile, tension rises as all communication between the cast and producers is cut off abruptly, forcing production to shut down, unexpectedly leaving the future of the show in Traci’s hands.

  • nat

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  • MarsBars

    Sista Trina why nobody tell u that haircut was not good choice. Not flattering at THEE ALL. And yo sisters just let u rock this😒😒😒 yes things have gone too far.😂

  • Hunny boom

    rite she should just come film its going to come out anyways in the blogs so whats the difference lol

  • Hunny boom

    did u see that i hope its not cuz birdman like red smh he dont even wanna have no parts of it he just wanna show up the shit is a mess….

  • Hunny boom

    im feeling the same way about them everything is getting to sloppy smh i was like toni dont even understand half the stuff bird man be saying how did that hook up happen then she didnt even want her own sister on her tour wow she looked hella dry when she said she got her own tour dates tamar hella selfish she wanted to plan toni wedding all by herself like come on now…didnt even go support her mom idk but they are not acting how sisters are suppose to act they are all not there for each other tamar always been selfish i never really liked her from season 1.i wonder whats going on now why they didnt want to film bird man dont wanna do nothin but tattoo the damn date on his forehead nothin else damn weirdo smh they should just go to city hall an get it over wit idk its just a hot mess……the picture on the drinks was nice tho lol……

  • Jessica Johnson

    Everything is getting sloppy with the Braxton….show wise..dat is…..Toni is marrying a man that she can’t even understand plus wat man doesn’t want to b apart of planning his own wedding at least pretend to do sum😒… why does Toni keep taking on project let’s finish the tour .1st…wait she post poned it…thats money lost ..Tracy is right she just focus on her ..Fuk Tamar Selfish ass…dats y she hidding now…wouldnt even go to ur own mama tribute…dats fuked up…Trina should just stop trying to do things together by investing cuz they dont want to b apart of it…..I think Tawanda just want to get back at i don’t blame her …Tamar did her sister dirty as fuk she bashed them they career an they husbands one by one..on she don’t want to b seen girl🖐

  • kneesee


  • Reina1718

    From the amount of comments i can tell no one really watches this

  • Asha Austin

    I feel like the only reason they are bringing other people on the show to film with Traci is because they would lose a lot of viewers. To be honest I wouldn’t watch the show if it was just Traci on it.

  • Kay

    Seriously, she’s a grown ass woman. If she changes her mind and decides to film, she has the right to do that. You don’t then get shady and post stuff on your insta that you know hurts her from way back when ya’ll were kids, that’s just evil. Tamar is a dud.

  • Kay

    Exactly. Plus, she has the right to change her mind and decide to film. Her first loyalty is to her family and feeding her kid and grand baby!

  • Lynn

    Me neither!
    I think it will be very boring.
    I dont even like Phaedra anymore since that damn lie she started about kandi.
    Traci better watch out for her.

  • Lovë 22

    Toni you postponed yet another tour? Isn’t that what sent you through bankruptcy the last time?
    Traci, do you boo, screw your sisters!

  • Mookie

    For get the candle bath, get you a weed bath. That is the best one you can do. You will so relaxed.

  • Danielle Murray


  • Mrs.Mama

    I like Tamar. Yeah she has a mouth on her. But she keeps it real. I think her sisters get on her nerves because they be so nosy, but not loyal at the second time. Towanda seems like she has some deep rooted jealousy of Tamar. Probably because she grew up being the least attractive. Tamar was the baby, and got the attention . And she was cuter. These women don’t really have the acceptable level of loyalty to each other. And they’re not cute. Toni is.

  • Ugo Tai

    Me neither but who knows ..I mean beauty and the beast lived happily ever after😂😂😂😂😂

  • Danielle Murray

    They dont seem to have much chemistry to me. I like the two of them but I dont see them together as a couple living happily ever-after… good luck though

  • Prive

    Do you have on mute or volume too low on the episode?, Not just your device but check the lower right corner next to play button.

  • Sy

    Traci want her cheque. She got a whole grandbaby to feed

  • kneesee

    They wanna kill everything Traci do. Like let Traci live! Yall had the group and she didnt now she on TV let the lady live! Her first CD was good but the one she just came out with….its a bloop.

  • kenrick.siddhartha

    braxton-family >> MOVIES-123HD.BLOGSPOT.COM

  • Kay

    I don’t see the problem either, like Traci has the right to change her mind and film if she wants to. How the hell are they gonna air her out on social media to the world and take shots about something that has hurt her for all these years, like her not being in the singing group cause she had a baby?! They’re soo immature and spoilt, it’s unreal. I’m starting to hate them all top, except for Toni and Traci.

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    It sounds like Trina just trynna cut everybody in or maybe I’m missing it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Adrienne Hunter

    Why cant I hear any of the shows any more?

  • Elizabeth

    You are funny asl

  • Tamara Steele

    Trina looking like Dr. Sherrie with that short fro? Or is it me ?

  • Alyka Morgan

    Yup that’s y they mad at her cuz apparently it was an agreement and Traci showed up so they mad cuz of that

  • Baybeetricia

    So how did the BFV cast walk out when they never showed up in the first place?

  • Baybeetricia

    The thing is, it’s Traci’s situation and if she does not want to deal with it then let that be the end of it. They all are to nosey sometimes. I get they’re sisters but if it ain’t your beef stay out of it. It only makes things worst

  • Baybeetricia

    They said they were going to sue him but they’re dragging their feet so they don’t really want it.

  • Akire

    I’ve heard Traci is still doing the show along with other ppl. One being Phaedra

  • Sheniel Dixon

    Gabe is gone with no possibility of returning and so is the accent 🙄🙄😂😂😂👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼✌🏾️

  • nat

    Soooo is this the season finally…. Ima need to check thier social media when i have a sec

  • girlyardie

    shasyl yu a put some butta bean and white rice with de cow foot, yu 2 gud the gayl big

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Exactly and she has to go on tour at some point to promote her new album. Now you throwing a movie into the mix? I don’t see a wedding happening in 2018.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Now Tamar doesn’t want her divorce playing out on TV, but she had no problems showing up for filming in the past seasons when her sisters were all going through a divorce??? Yeah ok.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    I don’t understand how you going to add other reality show stars into a Braxton Family Values show.

  • nat

    I love the Braxtons but I love Tamar. But divorce and co parenting is ALOT.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    SOOOOOOO has Vincent pay the other sisters their coins for doing the Family Braxton Values theme song?

  • nat

    You can turn it on and off. Its just the strong pronunciation of the O’s

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Toni is really classy and professional about how she handles herself on and off camera. was officially divorced from her husband in 2013. By 2013 the show was on it’s 3rd season. However, I did notice how Toni’s divorce did not play out nasty and messy on the show like Trina and Towanda. Now Tamar doesn’t want her divorce playing out on TV, but she showed up for filming in the past seasons when her sisters were all going through a divorce…Yeah ok.

  • nat

    RED dress? I cant with this wedding situation Toni, no comment 🙂

  • YoungFabulous

    why they keep talking about this wedding that may never happen

  • mikster

    Haha ditto. Didn’t watch this episode don’t plan on it. Comments tell me all I need

  • DJ Tia

    OMG Tracey closed her gap teeth!!

  • Rokses

    What is weird about that?These reality tv people show up everywhere. The checks must be good.

  • Dorfy Kala

    that white man with that camera was gone 😂 💨

  • shasyl

    Since you put it that way than i hear you.

  • Shaquanda Keys

    Sssayy wwwhhhaatt….

  • Mrs.Mama

    You can tell Tawanda was the one who was starving for attention growing up.

  • Lost Sheep

    How they gonna call it Braxton FAMILY Values, if the show contains one Braxton, im not tryin to see random Stars! I love the Braxton Sisters, DAMN!

  • Alyka Morgan

    With or without Tamar it’s shit.. Cuz she barely filming with them.. So she not bringing nothing extra to the show

  • Alyka Morgan

    I don’t see the problem tbh…. They just immature and spoiled… I hate Tamar and I’m starting to hate the others too

  • Alyka Morgan

    How is Toni gonna say her sisters not helping and it’s her wedding???? Girl stand on ur own

  • Kay

    Yeah, they’re upset with Phaedra and also upset with Traci. Towanda and Tamar of all people have banded together against Traci and put her on blast on their insta. The whole family dynamic is just trash now like they genuinely don’t like each other and it’s such a sad representation of a successful black family. All the family values have gone out the window.

  • Kay

    So now all the sisters are mad at Traci cause apparently they had all agreed to strike, but she showed up to film without them knowing and brought Phaedra on. Tamar even posted something super shady on her insta of her, Towanda and Trina when they were younger in the music group to take a shot at Traci since Traci feels like they excluded her. This family is just such a mess now. They genuinely hate each other and there are no more family values. Throw the whole thing away.

  • Nikkihatch

    But what happened to Trina accent 🤔

  • Shamara Lamb

    She said Via Tracy..* keyword Via..

  • Ugo Tai

    You betta put some respect on his name!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ugo Tai

    Hahaha…so why she accept the ring?..she out here tryna fool us into thinking they planning to wed for

  • Tina

    No, because in the interview that Phaedra and Tracy did. Tracy said that she called Phaedra and ask her will,she come on the show, just as they call the other celebrities that will also be on the show. They just didn’t appear on there own,they were called to appear. Why everybody blaming Phaedra she was ask to be on the show

  • Romz

    Guys you haven’t heard that miss shady Phaedra is going to be in the Braxtons!
    Via Tracey, it’s been announced! Weird

  • Taretta Jones

    stop it! HAHAHAHHA


    He reason why Toni keep postponing the wedding is due to Birmans many lawsuits, which once married she is inherited in. She just got back on track herself from being Bankrupt


    Tawanda looking @ Tracy like “are you really gonna sit here and sweep the issue under the rug with you, Toni, Tamar, and the tour.”

  • Gemz

    It’s time to cancel this show tbh…it’s a little shit without Tamar and I hate to admit that.

  • Booda Baby

    Thank you for watching and recognizing a teacher’s hardwork! Have a great weekend.

  • Elisa

    Facts, just be gone already

  • Alexis_Gloria

    The picture on the cocktails though!

  • MzJones

    Wish you both all the best and thank you for educating the children appreciate your hard work ❤️

  • Lacy4u

    Gary with the Tea on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show said that not only will Phaedra Parks start filming with Traci but so will Flavor Flav and New York (Tiffany Pollard). Apparently, Traci is the only sister that will resume filming so she brought her above ‘friends’ on the show to film with her. He also said that Tamar is supposedly upset with Phaedra for breaking the ‘strike’ that the Braxtons have going on.

  • Booda Baby

    If you’re bored at work later lol or on youtube check out india and igor, have over 1k of views on our love story, this story is in a contest im trying to win her a destination wedding!

  • Lynn

    Towanda looked so beautiful in that dress and that veil honey! Yess
    It gave me an idea for my wedding. I would like a color on my veil as well..

    Traci is too funny! AHAHA I am so happpyyy for herrr!

    Go Traci!

    They could have acted more happy for Traci tho. Especially Towanda..was looking away on her phone I guess?!
    Anyways I liked that last scene at the table. The sister dynamic is so nice to see when Tamar is not there. When she is around it can be fun and happy as well, but always feels like waiting on some tension or the tension is already there.

    But what happens now. And what do they mean by ”the talent” is not showing up?
    Wtf are the talents. The last scene is confusing.

    What gon happen now? i really dont understand none ofthis.

  • kiwi

    yes, I see…how sad, I love the braxtons

  • Ugo Tai

    So Tony, you have time to shoot a new movie… but you been postponing your wedding for months cos you aint got much time…Hmmnn ok

  • Ugo Tai

    Eerrrm…Birdman should be ok with balls in his mouth😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DaNiro Elle Brown

    I love Traci.

  • Ugo Tai

    What kinda ghetto bridal shop is this?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tyler

    What I was implying is other bravolebriries and WeTvlebrities! Reality stars!

  • #ISaidWhatISaidHoe

    Towanda is my favorite Braxton outside of Toni

  • #ISaidWhatISaidHoe

    lmao I love Mr. Congo or shall I say Dr. Congo. I want to see more of him

  • shasyl

    Kiss me granny cow foot Phaedra Parks is a celebrity!!!!!!if so am moving on dwrcl

  • Tyler

    They have some celebrities joining like Phaedra Parks and Kim Whitley etc.

  • shasyl

    Didn’t finish the previous episode am only here to read the comments.

  • Shaquanda Keys

    I’m guessing after seeing the last episode and them saying how the cast walked out it doesn’t leave much for production besides bits and pieces of a show they mashed together.

  • kiwi

    wow…and I guess nobody’s watching

  • Love Jones

    I’m sorry but I’m still all in. This is one show where sistahs not fighting over a man, or fighting each other. I’m happy Traci is blossoming into her on. Tamar can stay her selfish ass by herself. The energy better without her. Trini looking good too. Funny how the tables turn. Everyone including momma Evelyn are happy in love except for Tamar. I feel like she jealous, so she don’t want to come around.

  • Charli Cha Green

    Over it

  • Stylepondem

    ….they can’t just randomly come after several months….drop a video and expect people to still care about what they got going on.