The Grand Hustle Season 1 Episode 8 – ‘Casino Night’

On episode 8, the seven remaining hustlers join together for a charity casino night to raise money for T.I.’s Harris Community Works Foundation. One hustler goes all in to make their mark, but ends up rolling snake eyes and is sent home.

  • DCendeavors

    Great lookout! All caught up, and it was worth the 4 bucks! Ep. 10 had me lmao! TI kids’ are off the chain! Thanks for the info!

  • Gbunny

    Its only google play for $1.99 it aired on the 13th

  • Dragon Monkee

    Does anyone know where else to find latest Eps ?

  • Selinâ Sag

    somebody upload season 9 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………am dying over here c’mon

  • Bella Vicious

    Stfu! Why would you wanna spoil this for us! Bitch

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    I forgot terron was even on here 😬😵

  • Mrs, Strong

    Did the hustle take vacation this week???

  • Lacy4u

    Actually, she threw her ‘man’ under the bus first. She said he didn’t do his job and that Terron AND George were the weakest link. She claimed that she was the star. Obviously, T.I. didn’t agree though. LOL

  • Che_Che_Che

    Wow I sure do miss The Grand Hustle

  • David Robinson

    Crystal has changed my perspective about her honestly. I think George will go all the way, but he wont be the winner in the end.

  • LiLondon

    Got me checking for the next episode like some stalker on what’s app looking for the last seen at time!!! Kmt

  • Dragon Monkee

    Delete Endeavours putting spoilers on here what a duchebag

  • Dragon Monkee


  • DCendeavors

    SPOILER ALERT! Since they tak’n they time and stuff to let us see Ep. 9, I couldn’t wait longer and watched some of those YouTube reviews: Cierra went home! Dang & my boy (her man) tried to throw her under the bus so they say! It’s almost time for Ep. 10. Whassup up, Brokensilenze? U usually have our backs! We counting on you to come through!

  • Dragon Monkee

    Episode 9 please

  • Madinah Moore-Jefferson

    Girl I shoul been on here everyday all day looking for it to pop up they tripping

  • DCendeavors

    Wassup?!*!! Where is the latest episode? I wanna kno’ wat college/university “Professor” George teaches at so I can make sure that none of my nieces or nephews attend it. lawd!

  • KushKittyHo

    George just needs to shutup and hustle!*…and he might be alright. But T seems to be so lowkey he fuqn dissapears! Blah, I’m rooting for Crystal.

  • fancey

    the women who came from the organization to help them, if she was on the show she would win. None of them act like her as far as leadership and we only seen her on screen for about 2 minutes and could automatically tell she was a boss and a leader. None of them i feel really have that spark.

  • Bella Vicious

    Ding dong the witch is gone!!!

  • PrincessKuteface

    George is there as a pawn, he’s hosted shows how can’t he speak. They keep thinking he’s going to chop himself off when in the long run if y’all know he can’t speak and it reflects on them as a group why keep allowing him to.

  • #IsaidWhatISaidHoe

    George is the only one with a business mindset even though he was annoying and doing extra shit.

  • ShayShay_KoolAid

    I feel like Yonathin ran outside with Jillian to hold their vaginas and cry together.

  • ShayShay_KoolAid

    That’s why I feel George would be most qualified for the job or should at least be in the top 3.

  • DCendeavors

    Nah, gurlfriend had ‘er eyes on TI/TIP. I see Tiny was in the house – bet she said boot dat bioch! LOL

  • Paizley

    Knew she was goin home. Like TIP said u gotta realize when an idea makes no dollars and no sense. They need to put more energy into ideas and realize they look dumb hating on George. Chrystal looked real stupid doin all that towards him.

  • Mac Spoon

    I’m just trying to figure out if George is just acting like he’s a poor speaker for the sake of the show. How is it possible he’s a professor with poor oratory skills? Lol


    Poor George he just can’t catch a break with his housemates. I hope he wins!!

  • chiraq075

    Jillian wanna fuck George 😏

  • Carsha Lei

    yeah…yonathan next, George can always be coached on public speaking

  • Gbunny

    I think these people fail to realize that without George, what kind of show would you have ? The animosity they have towards him, makes the show. “Why is he still here”? Y’all heffas are low-key boring without him on there. They keep George and Yonathan for obvious reasons until they don’t need them to help the show anymore

  • Ugo Tai

    Everything you said👍

  • Heavenly Jackson

    If he isn’t point and they assigned that to him then TI can’t be mad for him doing what he asked. I honestly think that they’re plotting to try and get him sent home by being the speaker because then they can say well we had a great pitch but George didn’t deliver it right so he should go. It’s Terron and Sierra left on his team and they are emotionally attached. Hopefully it backfires though. I think he’s the strongest *male* there.

  • Miss Lady

    All these mfs hating on George gettin on my nerves….they doin too much fa me. I GET him….I just never needed to be liked at my job…it’s not what I’m here for

  • Shondeon

    Yesssssss, Jillian’s little snoody, rationalizing, should have been a lawyer cause she always spinning her case, is GONE!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Tresie


  • Vashti Perry

    why do they keep giving George to talking roles? Why let you team lose because he can’t talk??? it pissing me off

  • mandyjoneslaw

    So glad Jillian is gone!

  • mandyjoneslaw

    They’re all so childish with the way they respond to George. How do you expect to get hired when you show that you can’t work well with someone you don’t personally like? SMH. That happens in business. Is this how you’re going to behave. Grow up!

  • Lost Sheep

    George got 19 lives, lol

  • Lost Sheep

    The silly hoe wears her EMOTIONS in her damn mouth n SHES A HUSTLER?????

  • Lost Sheep

    Yonthan needs to go too, he do the same shit but George dumb ass was a Speaker, AGAIN, WTF wrong with Dude? He just fked himself, but I still dont think he goin home, lol, he tryin to prov himself to TI but u cant be great in everything, only the Messiah can!

  • DCendeavors

    Yeah, he’ll probably get the boot next! Dum azz. TI told him to delegate the public speaking or presentation segments because it is a noticeable weakness. Dumb ass did not take the constructive criticism to heed, and made a repeated error in the upcoming episode. Now, why would TI want him on his team when he does not take orders well?

  • DCendeavors

    Glad TI/TIP booted her! I think she kissed him on the cheek when he congratulated each of them a the casino/gamling fundraiser event. I replayed it three times. I said to myself, “How uncouth! What employee kisses her boss on the cheek while shaking his hand?” She needed to go because it looked like TI/TIP was attracted to her. IMHO, he was always complimenting her and making excuses for her actions and lack of actions during the observational discussions outside of their presence.

  • Ugo Tai

    Is that George presenting again next episode? Lol…I swear dude never learns… why does he keep presenting when its been established he sucks at it? Lol

  • Miracle Idowatiwant Duh


  • Carsha Lei

    Jillian so stuck on George, she played herself out of a spot in the competition. Glad that hoe gone

  • YoungFabulous

    First let’s go see if George can survive again