• YaaasGirl

    I think it was up before…but now it’s down. I couldn’t view it either. There’s a big pop up saying, “We’re Sorry”.

  • Me_Tee

    what happen to the episode?

  • Reina1718

    I cant stand to see charity sing, it always looks so fake!

  • Paizley

    Lady Mae is goin thru her own problems idk if she can help Zora. The boot camp sounded good to me!

  • Erica Greene


  • Cristee2

    LOL!!🤣🤣🤣😝😜 I’m telling ya!!

  • bessie

    When will Rochelle get what’s coming to her. Lady Mae hasn’t put in her place yet. Hope it doesn’t take all season for it to happen. Lady Mae needs to take her place beside her husband and move forward.

  • Lovë 22

    Zora needs a good old fashion a** whoopin’, she be alright! Sophia is about that life tho!!
    See I knew Grace man was full of shit, something is up with him and Rochelle, all that smirking and eye contact nah!!

  • Simone Sims

    You made me 😂 laugh and I agree with everything you said..😁

  • Anonofyobusiness

    Lawd, Zora took me to a place that only a parent of a teenager could go! 👊🏽👊🏽

  • nat

    Oh BLESS YOU Broken! let me get my vegan spring rolls with orange sauce and fried rice!

  • CtheGod

    I needed something to lift my mood and here it is 👏🙌(yes my life is sad, shut up). Grabs🍪🥛🥙 snacks i shall return with the verdict.

  • rp

    Performing incest with on father for material things, how low!!!

  • Taretta

    LOL Charity act like she at a juke joint! she singing by the piano, got a drank…oh wait but YOUR BABY is right next to you. lol she silly

  • Taretta

    Where is the leather belt with yo momma’s name engraved in it? Zora little fass ass need HER. ASS. WHOOPED!
    Bootcamp? No, boot in yo ass!!!

  • Niyah Chantae

    Kevin has some nerve, didn’t he go missing and neglect the child leaving Charity to do everything on her own. Now that he wants to step up and be a dad all of a sudden it’s a problem for charity to have her son, dang it’s not like she was trying to keep the boy away from him forever.

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Damn Rochelle always show up at the wrong time effin errthing up.

    Done had enough of Zora’s ass, when she said let’s see how well he taught u…

    The underdog is Jesus! Boom u better let her kno Grace!!

  • Keisha

    Lady Mae better just stay with that man lol. They both did dirt.

  • Justanyone

    Charity is on so some shit.😬 (Kendrick Lamar big shot song voice)now she lock up lock up lock up lmaof 😆😂but seriously this not good at all😟 Kevin your wrong this wasn’t the right way.😔
    Grace that’s right you better speak the truth😊✊
    Little ms Zora once again your a dumbass 😒 LET THIS DAMN BOY GO he going to sell u to highest bidder in sex trafficking, but keep messing around you’ll wish you had listen to ur folks.😑😐
    And grace daughter needs to dumb her boyfriend💃👎 just focus on being young and wait till you’re ready to have sex and be in a relationship(since that’s ur beliefs), there’s no need to rush. Don’t stay with someone who obviously doesn’t want to wait.😾
    Lady Mae stop with this mess✋ already have u not seen the signs of your plans❎📑 backfiring(THIS WON’T WORK OUT WELL)and i know you every reason to divorce James but…….unfortunately👆 you both done wrong and now are suffering the consequences of it.